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Gelmix Thickener, Nature's Healthier Thickening Option

A Better Way to Thicken Breast Milk & Formula

GELMIX Thickener is the first and only USDA certified organic infant milk thickener specifically formulated for pediatric use. Gelmix, for breast milk and formula, is increasingly recommended by pediatricians and parents as a healthy thickening alternative to rice cereal. Also brought to you by Parapharma Tech, we are pleased to introduce the NEW USDA organic thickener, PURATHICK, for hot and cold liquids recommended for children over 1 year old.


The Power of Carob Bean Gum

Gelmix harnesses the properties of Carob Bean Gum, a natural food thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer used in a variety of everyday foods, such as cream cheese, ice cream and salad dressing. Carob Bean Gum has been used in Europe for decades as a thickener in the preparation of baby formula, so much so that it was officially adopted in 2009 by the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

Brands: Gelmix Thickener for Breast Milk & Formula, Purathick for Hot and Cold Liquids