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Got 20/12 Vision?

The PSF Refractor™ and PSF Integro™ offer a subjective refraction that can be refined to 0.01D, rather than 0.25D as found with traditional phoropters, providing the highest level of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. PSF technology also provides a unique subjective nighttime exam.

The PSF Integro is a complete Refraction-Lane-in-a-Box. Practices will no longer be required to have a 16 – 20 foot lane. The PSF Integro’s compact design allows doctors to achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy but in one third of the space. It provides a 20 ft effective distance without inducing an accommodative response.

The Perfectus™, routinely achieves 20/12 VA. It’s small footprint sits on a 2' x 3' power-table. Subjective refraction after wavefront autorefraction is about 45-60 seconds an eye. Technicians can learn it in just a few days and achieve 90% equal or better results compared to an experienced refractionist after only a few weeks of use.

When paired with the 100% customizable Encepsion Lenses, patients experience a wider field of view, sharper vision, and increased comfort.