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Clearwater,  FL 
United States
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Say Goodbye Dry Skin with Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Cream!

Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Cream is free of dyes, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil​, and any other harsh chemicals. ​It does not contain petroleum nor any petroleum byproducts which breaks down the composition of latex gloves. Our cream penetrates the skin up to 7 layers deep, moisturizing from the inside out, meaning it does not leave any type of greasy residue or film on the skin as traditional skincare products do​. As a result, ​once you apply the cream it absorbs into the skin instantly, and it ​will not wash off as it is IN the skin, not sitting on the skin​. This also means there is no waiting time after its application to put on latex gloves​, so it does not interfere with routine work activities. I think everyone agrees trying to put on latex gloves after putting on some type of moisturizer is quite a pet peeve. ​The additional plus point of our product is, due to it being non-fragranced, use of the product by the practitioner or office staff does not ​disturb patients that may be sensitive to smells.

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