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Welcome to my digital resources & apps for busy SLPs.

I have been a SLP for almost 40 years, and have worked with students with autism for 44 years. I have worked in "language-based" classrooms, public and non-public schools, non-profit agencies, residential facilities and more.  I also have backgrounds in psychology, ABA, and special education. In my years in the field Ihave developed some unique programs and materials; including the therapy intervention that was the basis for my first app; Question It. This app really teaches kids how to answer Wh-questions!  I published the paper version in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, and have since added an entire range of AAC materials and resources, based on current research and practice. 

I have published papers in peer-reviewed journals, have presented at national and international conferences, and provided numerous trainings for SLPs, teachers, and paraprofessionals in many school districts.  

I continue to be dedicated to providing every child a voice and the ability to read.

Brands: Language Learning Apps, LLC; including Question It and SoundSwaps. And Susan Berkowitz on Teachers Pay Teachers


  • Question It App
    This is THE answer to all your Wh-question intervention. Designed with kids with autism, this app uses a unique structure of teaching which type of word answers what kin of questions, fading of visual color cues, and repetitive auditory cues....

  • Question It is one of the 2 apps developed by Susan Berkowitz, SLP.  This app teaches students that specific types of words answer specific kinds of Wh-questions.  There are multiple levels of "play," including sorting words by type of question, answering Wh questions about standard simple sentences, then answering questions about different forms of sentences and paragraphs.
  • SoundSwaps App
    Provides practice to students who are having difficulty with manipulating sounds in words to create word ladders or novel words. Works well for students with dyslexia and other sound-based reading difficulties....

  • SoundSwaps gives students practice with manipulating sounds in words to create new words.  There are 4 levels of play, each with 2 levels of visual distraction or difficulty.  In Level 1 are word families, Level 2 changes initial or final sounds, Level 3 changes vowel sounds, and Level 4 is random.  The easiest level of  visual difficulty provides a limited key board for choosing sounds/letters.  Level 2 provides a complete key board. The app is visually and auditorily simple so as not to distract students.