LC Technologies, Inc.

Fairfax,  VA 
United States
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Operate a computer with your eye movements!

LC Technologies is celebrating its 31st  birthday!  The Eyegaze Edge®, a communication and control system for people with disabilities, creates a lifeline for adults and children who are unable to control their body movement or speech.  Through this assisitve technology, people with disabilities such as ALS, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke or Locked-in Syndrome are able to connect with their world using their eye movements.  Stop by our booth to experience EyeWorld, the premier eyegaze access platform designed with feedback from generations of Eyegaze Edge® users. the LC Technologies eye tracker has remarkably robust accuracy and its software compensates for the unique medical needs of our Eyegaze communicators. Each one of our communication systems is built personally for your patient and is supported by a skilled engineering, technology and medical team.  

Brands:, Eyegaze Edge®


  • Eyegaze Edge
    The Eyegaze Edge runs Grid 3 software for language platforms for children and adults and allows communication, texting, computing, and environmental control via eye movement....

  • The Eyegaze Edge speech generating device features several communication options from picture symbol communication through various keyboards.  EYEWORLD, the premiere access portal for communication, computer control, web browsing, phone capabilities and environmental control, was designed by people with ALS for people with a wide range of disablities.  LC Technologies camera and image processing software provide robust accuracy, easy calibration, and low levels of illumination to allow long-term access for people with disabilities.  Our system allows accurate long term use; 12 books have been written and published using the Eyegaze Edge! Each system is built for the individual user and supported by a team of technicians, engineers, and medical professionals.  Come experience the difference 31 years of research and development can make for eye gaze communication!