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Reading, writing, spelling.  It's about oral language and building the brain for literacy – and so are we. 

Learning By Design, Inc. is helping language and literacy professionals make a difference in K-12 education with SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing, the speech to print, multi-linguistic, meta-linguistic approach to literacy. Our SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing assessment and intervention materials improve students' listening, speaking, reading, spelling, and writing skills, enabling all students to be successful!

SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing uses a speech-to-print structured literacy approach to leverage the brain's innate, biological wiring and organization for oral language. Unlike traditional programs which begin with the written letter and teach students to match the letter to a sound, with SPELL-Links students first learn how to attend to the sound structure of spoken English words and then how to connect and combine sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words. This is exactly how the brain works in good readers and writers!

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  • Learning By Design, Inc.® partners with Simucase™ to bring SPELL-Links clinical training and practice to SLPs and other literacy professionals

    Evanston, Illinois, October 2017 – Learning By Design, Inc.®, publisher of SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing™ announces its collaborative partnership with Simucase™, an innovative technology platform allowing users to assess, diagnose, make recommendations, and administer treatment with virtual clients, encouraging critical thinking and facilitating inter-professional education in a no-risk learning environment. Simucase is now offering the newly-released SPELL-Links practice case: Eleanor.

    SPELL-Links uniquely applies clinical and neurobiological brain research, using speech to print word study instruction which leverages the biological organization and wiring of the brain for oral language as the gateway to reading, writing, and spelling success for all K-12 students and adults.

    Simucase offers professionals and pre-professional students an opportunity to choose from a library of clinical simulations representing a variety of speech and language disorders. Each simulation is designed to challenge skills and competency in different areas of expertise. As of March 1, 2016, pre-professional students may earn up to 75 practicum hours toward their clinical certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) through computer-based simulations like Simucase.

    Simucase can help professionals and pre-professional students:

    • Improve clinical decision making
    • Increase their knowledge of assessment instruments
    • Improve the ability to interview clients and caregivers
    • Collaborate with other professionals
    • Make correct diagnoses and recommendations
    • Deliver evidence-based treatments
    • Expand their knowledge of children and adults with communication issues, including written language (reading and writing) disorders

    About the SPELL-Links Simucase: Eleanor

    Eleanor is a 12-year old girl who was adopted from China when she was 9 months old. She was originally referred 2 years ago by her school's learning specialist due to concerns regarding poor decoding and spelling skills. At that time, Eleanor was administered the SPELL-2 assessment and subsequently underwent a full language and literacy evaluation by a private practice SLP. She has been receiving weekly language and literacy intervention sessions with the private practice SLP targeting vocabulary, syntax, reasoning, and reading and spelling. Reading and spelling intervention has been provided using the SPELL-Links to Reading and Writing Curriculum. The SPELL-2 assessment was recently re-administered to Eleanor in preparation for transferring services to you. You will be taking over Eleanor's case and providing intervention with the SPELL-Links curriculum at your private practice.

    “Simucase is a fantastic opportunity to see the structured literacy instruction of SPELL-Links to Reading and Writing in action,” explains Adria Leno, MS, CCC-SLP, a Certified SPELL-Links Provider. “Educators, clinicians, and future educators and clinicians, can walk through multiple activities, including the application of word study knowledge, skills, and strategies to authentic reading and writing activities. Participants even get to see how to trouble shoot when things get "messy".”

    For a limited time, pre-professional students and professionals can practice implementing the SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum for free at simucase.com by entering ELEANOR at the checkout to gain free access to the Eleanor clinical simulation.

    About Learning By Design, Inc

    Learning By Design (Evanston, IL) is changing K-12 student literacy and education outcomes by introducing a new and effective paradigm for literacy assessment, instruction, and intervention.

    About Simucase

    Simucase, powered by speechpathology.com, is improving clinical skills and inspiring confidence, case by case.


    Learn more about SPELL-Links at www.learningbydesign.com  • Learn more about Simucase at www.simucase.com


  • SPELL-2
    Spelling Performance Evaluation for Language and Literacy, 2nd Edition....

  • Unlike most assessments, which focus on measuring how well a student is performing, SPELL-2 uses spelling error analysis to determine why a student is struggling with reading and writing and then instantly creates an individualized intervention plan for the student. SPELL-2 is appropriate for Grade 2+ students who are struggling with reading decoding, reading fluency, spelling, writing, and vocabulary including Tier 2 & Tier 3, special education, speech-language impaired, ELL, Title I students, and students with Dyslexia. The SPELL-2 download or flash drive assessment software is administered by computer with minimal supervision required.

  • SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing
    K-12 Word Study Curriculum...

  • Using a speech-to-print approach and organizing literacy instruction based on the brain's natural wiring and organization for spoken language, SPELL-Links instruction works the way the human brain works to effectively teach written language. The SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing curriculum enables K-12 students to make sense of the sound structure of English words, systematically teaches them how to connect sounds, letter patterns, and meanings to read and spell words, and explicitly shows them how to apply their word study knowledge to everyday reading and writing. Aligned with Common Core Standards for speaking, listening, reading, language, and writing. SPELL-Links to Reading & Writing includes 3-volume spiral-bound curriculum, access to cloud library of reproducible materials, 1 set of letter manipulatives, 1120 strategy stickers, and 20 peel & stick 4 x 5" labels.