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Nfant Labs, we are dedicated to infant Feeding.

NFANT Labs is dedicated to improving the standard of care in infant feeding, the most complex skill a newborn baby must learn to thrive.

nfant Feeding Solution is the first noninvasive diagnostic tool to measure tongue dynamics during non-nutritive and nutritive sucking. Objective feeding data streamed at cribside allows clinicians to view the immediate impact of therapeutic interventions. Feedings can be shared with staff to identify trends, allowing clinical care paths to be iterated to optimize feeding transition.


nfant Nipple line provides a consistent experience for infants as they transition to full oral feeding. Uniform size, shape and materials provide reliable response throughout the feeding transition. Infant’s can safely train on the only “No Flow” nipple or proceed to a flow rate best suited to their needs. Incremental flow rates (3,6,9 ml/min) are tightly controlled and self-venting features eliminate the need for specialty bottle systems.

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Brands: nfant Feeding Solution a noninvasive diagnostic tool to measure tongue dynamics in non-nutritive/nutritive sucking. nfant Nipples provide a consistent experience to infants transitioning to feeding.