Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1547

The OMBRE Pro-Store supplies high-quality products and toolktis for all your orofacial myofunctional therapy needs. Visit our booth for special convention discounts!


  • The OMBRE Toolkit
    Complete with its own travel case to keep everything right where you need it, we’ve sourced the best materials at the lowest possible price, and have put it all together in the OMBRE Toolkit for professional use....

  • The OMBRE Toolkit includes:

    ·         Chewy Tubes ·         Long Tube
    ·         Sticky Dots ·         Oral Screen
    ·         Bite Block ·         OMBRE Toothbrush
    ·         Chopstick ·         Therabite Wafer
    ·         Balloon ·         Spaghetti String Kit (5 discs, 3             strings)
    ·         Button Pull ·         Cork Pop
    ·         Cotton Rolls ·         Natural Lip Balm
    ·         Wooden Stirrer ·         Pencil
    ·         Elastics ·         Tongue Depressors