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Hello ASHA! Learn about American Sign Language with SignOn!

SignOn offers a platform for learners to immerse themselves in American Sign Language (ASL) via direct conversations with the Deaf. We have  launched a “Virtual Immersion Program,” where ASL learners can easily access and schedule a live 30-minute session with our Deaf ASL Ambassadors via a two-way video. Learners can personalize their experiences, by practicing everything from basic vocabulary to daily conversation. Across the country, there are limited opportunities for ASL learners to practice and connect with Deaf individuals. By contrast, individuals learning a spoken foreign language are able to visit a specific country and immerse themselves in its language. The Deaf Community has no such “country.”

SignOn gives learners the confidence to engage with the Deaf Community while practicing and retaining language techniques, as well as gain exposure to various signing styles. This dedicated live one-on-one time with our Deaf ASL Ambassadors dramatically enhances the ASL experience.

 Show Specials

  • SignOn will be offering ASHA Attendees a 15% discount and Students (student ID or email required) a 20% discount on bundles purchased at the 2017 ASHA Conference. 


  • American Sign Language Online Learning Bundles
    This bundle includes two different courses. ASLDeafined is an ASL video dictionary filled with ASL lessons containing 20 signs, practice activities and quizzes. With SignOn, immerse yourself in what you have learned 1-on-1 with your Deaf ASL Ambassador....

  • Bundle 1: 

    6 months of ASLdeafined and 6 sessions of SignOn.

    Bundle 2:

    12 months of ASLdeafined and 12 sessions of SignOn

    ASLdeafined is designed to teach American Sign Language online. This content is for anyone who wishes to learn ASL, regardless of age. It is a complete video dictionary with designated lessons. Learners can access the site at their own convenience, form their desk at home, office, or wherever a computer is available. Learners monitor their daily progress and review previous lessons before moving on. Discover and learn about the Deaf Community and their language.

    SignOn is a Virtual Immersion Program that connects ASL learners with our Deaf ASL Ambassadors. Through a live, two-way video session, our learners will have a personalized one-on-one learning experience. During these live 30 minute sessions, ASL learners can choose to practice everything from basic vocabulary to daily conversations. Using SignOn compliments ASL lessons and helps learners gain the confidence and skills needed to comfortably engage with the Deaf Community.