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See & demo the latest FDA-cleared treatment for dysphagia.

Ampcare's ESP™ unites the many benefits of electrical stimulation while incorporating proper postural strategies and a protocol of swallowing exercises. This systematic rehabilitation approach provides Speech-Language Pathologists the tools to accelerate and restore their patient's swallow function.


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  • Ampcare Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP™)
    AMPCARE’s Effective Swallowing Protocol unites the benefits of electrical stimulation while incorporating proper postural strategies and a set of swallowing exercises.

  • Ampcare's ESP is a FDA-cleared treatment that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation and a neuro-orthotic device (RPD) to enhance the efficacy of your swallowing exercises. Ampcare's portable handheld device with adjustable parameters, along with the E Series Electrodes and the RPD, provide a more extensive exercise experience for the patient with dysphagia.

    AMPCARE’s Effective Swallowing Protocol (ESP) 

    The E Series electrode resides on its own self-adhesive patch to allow the SLP to have maximum control over the exact placement of the electrodes. AMPCARE utilizes an adjustable neuro-orthotic device to serve as part of their resistive exercise protocol to strengthen the muscles necessary to rehabilitate a swallow. They are  FDA 510(k) cleared for neck muscle stimulation to re-educate the muscles necessary for pharyngeal contraction and have unique benefits: 

    Patented electrode and the most economical 

     Shape ensures proper placement 

     Extremely low impedance with total surface dispersion 

     Reusable, pre –gelled, self adhering, single patient use electrodes 

     Only 2 placements – facial and submental 

    NMES Training Utilizing AMPCARE’s ESP 

    Group training sessions for individual companies or for companies wanting to sponsor a course are available. The 0.8 ASHA CEU training course consists of didactic education on anatomy and physiology of the swallow response, muscle fiber types and recruitment patterns, fundamental principles of electrotherapy and past and current research. This is followed by a lab with hands on application of the technique while using concurrent therapeutic exercises.


    The specific combination of silver printing, carbon film and fanned lead wire in the conductive layer of the AMPCARE E Series electrode provides effective distribution of current making the treatment more comfortable and allows the SLP to utilize more intensity to elicit a visible motor contraction.