Social Skill Builder, Inc.

Leesburg,  VA 
United States
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Software & App Solutions to teach Social Understanding!

Autism & Special Needs Software

Social Skill Builder’s curriculum of researched based, evidence driven software and Apps use systematic and explicit instruction through interactive videos to teach key social thinking, language and behavior that are critical to everyday living. Designed for preschoolers through young adults, these programs offer a way for students to slow the fast paced social interactions down to a speed they can really learn from!

The software helps kids learn and continue to build the skills of: Problem Solving,  Friendship/Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Emotions, and Consequences

Our unique, award winning programs use real life scenarios that immediately engage the user to answer questions, make judgments, and establish outcomes. This type of systematic and direct instruction produces a higher level of understanding and retention than passively watching video stories.  Each program comes equipped with built in reinforcement, user friendly technology, and is leveled for differentiation of instruction from non-readers to proficient readers.

Brands: My School Day, School Rules!, My Community, Preschool Playtime, You're A Social Detective, & School Rules! Software and App Curriculum.