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Leveraging advances in mobile and speech recognition technologies, SpeechLight provides mobile apps for the SLP which go beyond just automating industry-standard tests. SpeechLight software extracts objective, acoustic data from the patient's voice signal, displays results immediately, and helps guide SLPs' diagnoses, ultimately improving treatment outcomes, accelerating reporting and increasing revenue and insurance reimbursement. 

SpeechLight's first release, the PaTaKa app, automates the industry-standard diadochokinetic/DDK test (AMRs/SMRs), and acts as a digital assistant for SLPs, measuring the strength, speed, accuracy, and consistency of a patient’s speech, providing a real-time, accurate measurement of speech characteristics, and comparing a patient's rates versus the researched-backed, normative data that is embedded in the app.

The SpeechLight software employs a neuropathophysiological model, based upon the widely-used "Mayo Classification System" for classifying dysarthrias, and seminal research conducted at the Mayo Clinic.

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 Press Releases

  • Embedded clinical intelligence, normative DDK rates, and instant results make the assessment of neurologic speech disorders faster and more objective

    LOS ANGELES, CA, November 9, 2017  -- SpeechLight, Inc., a developer of mobile and cloud-based software that improves clinicians’ ability to assess and diagnose speech disorders and other conditions related to brain health, today announced that its PaTaKa app for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store.   Unveiled at the 2017 ASHA Convention today,   SpeechLight’s PaTaKa app automates the industry-standard diadochokinetic (DDK) test which measures the strength, speed, accuracy, and consistency of a patient’s speech, and is widely considered a cornerstone to any oral motor speech assessment.

    ​"We’ve had a 99% positive response from Speech Language Pathologists who have been using the beta version of the app" said Michael Soenen, CEO of SpeechLight. "98% said they would recommend it to a colleague--and that was the beta. In this latest update we’ve embedded some of the leading clinical research and intelligence right in the app." 

    The PaTaKa app captures and processes a patient's voice recording, calculates their DDK rates (AMRs and SMRs), and compares the patient's rates and standard deviation versus the normative data that is embedded in the app.   The normative data is based upon multiple research studies that have been performed by leading researchers in the field of neurological speech disorders.  The app automatically reports test results immediately after a patient completes a test, and allows clinicians to scroll through and view historical test results for their patients.   

    "Using the PaTaKa app is not just faster, but it also gives us more consistent and objective DDK measurements," said Nicole Hickmon, MS CCC-SLP, a Speech Language Pathologist at Saint Joseph Health System.  "That consistency, plus being able to replay the speech recording on the iPad at later time, lets us focus on other symptoms during an assessment.”

    A preview video of the SpeechLight PaTaKa app can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Y9cZ1QOCCkA. The app is available for iPhones and iPads running iOS version 9.3 in the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pataka-ddk-test-by-speechlight/id1186910564?ls=1&mt=8

    About SpeechLight

    SpeechLight develops mobile and cloud-based software that improve a clinician’s ability to assess and diagnose speech disorders and other conditions related to brain health, through the analysis of speech biomarkers.   By combining advances in speech recognition, mobile, and cloud-based software with leading industry research, SpeechLight empowers clinicians to exponentially improve outcomes for patients with speech and neurocognitive disorders, through more timely, more objective and more collaborative insights.  Visit www.speechlight.com.

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  • PaTaKa (DDK) app
    SpeechLight’s PaTaKa app automatics the DDK/diadochokinetic test, analyzes a patient's recorded voice and provides measurements for strength, speed, accuracy, and consistency. Real-time, accurate, objective measurement on the mobile device....

  • Nothing can replace the experienced ear of a trained SLP, but objective test results in the hands of any clinician will improve their assessment, treatment, and ultimately, patient outcomes.  On the SLP's mobile device, SpeechLight’s PaTaKa (DDK) app improves accuracy of diagnoses, by capturing and analyzing objective acoustic data from a patient’s recorded voice, while allowing clinician to focus on the patient.   The software employs a neuropathophysiological model and industry-standard motor speech assessments based on research conducted at the Mayo Clinic.

    > Accelerates testing while improving accuracy of diagnoses

    >  Reduces administrative reporting time and labor

    >  Easily access historical test results on your mobile device