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Speech and language soar as kids sing, play, and explore!

Talk It Rock It provides songs, visuals, and many other products to enhance the speech and language skills of children. As a speech-language pathologist working with young children and owner of Talk It Rock It, I want therapy ideas that are practical and immediately usable for families and professionals. Talk It Rock It songs and visuals are a unique collection of children's music embedded with very specific speech and language goals that entice children to verbally practice. Children from toddlers to elementary age have benefited from our songs to learn imitation, develop larger vocabularies, follow directions, answer questions, learn social rules, and much more. All of our songs and visuals are available in disc format or on flashdrive. Other products include our new product, the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, our Animation Station audio-visual shows, the Push-Pull Puzzle, The Big Book of Exclamations, and Poke-A-Dot Books. Whether you work in a school, pre-school, private practice, hospital, daycare center, or in early intervention, our products can be excellent tools for home practice, individual therapy, or group language and articulation practice.

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 Show Specials

  • Our song and visual sets are $40 per set. At ASHA, you can receive a substantial discount when purchasing multiple sets. The cost can decrease to only $18 per set when purchasing 5 sets. Attendees can choose between the following sets to receive this special offer:  Imitation Exploration Set 1, Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Set 2, Drills for Sounds Set 3, Digo y canto Set 4, Animals Movin' and Groovin' Set 5, Animation Station 1 & 2, Animation Station 3 & 4, Plain Talkin' Set, Social Singing Set.

 Press Releases

  • Talk It Rock It is excited to announce a new product, the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set. Children who are non-verbal or who have limited verbal skills may find it frustrating to practice the sound sequences needed to create functional speech. Blast Off Board is a motivating tool that makes sound sequencing practice FUN!

    The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set is a magnetic receptive board with 10 holes cut into the board as well as colored shapes printed on the front and a scene on the back. Sets of magnets and magnetic overlays accompany this board and are grouped according to sound sequencing of vowels (V), consonant-vowels (CV), CVCV, VCV structures, and two word phrases. Children match the magnets to the board and push them out the other side all while practicing the sound sequences depicted on the magnets and overlays on the back of the board.

    Based on the highly regarded Push-Pull Puzzle, the Blast Off Board has multiple uses including sound sequencing practice and teaching children how to point to objects upon request and respond to questions. The Blast Off Board can be purchased separately with 1 set of 10 magnets that match the scene on the back of the board. Additional magnets and magnetic overlays grouped according to speech sound sequences are available to complete the set.

    Rachel Arntson, speech-language pathologist and creator of Talk It Rock It products including the Blast Off Board, has been using the prototype for this board for many years. "Children love to practice speech sounds with this board. They stay attentive and motivated for much longer because they are playing and not just working." Check out the new Blast Off Board at Talk It Rock It's exhibit booth #1438.


  • Animation Station Movies for Speech and Language
    Animation Stations 1, 2, 3, and 4, in DVD or flashdrive, contain short movies illustrating our speech and language songs. Highly motivating for children in individual therapy sessions, small group activities, or home practice....

  • Imitation Exploration contains 30 songs that focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication, as well as helping kids who are struggling with articulation or apraxia. The vocabulary is simple and repetitive and focuses on words that are common in a child’s world! Learn more about these differences here.

    This set includes:

    • 30 songs to enhance speech and language skills (including 5 instrumental songs)
    • A 12-page manual with activities and objectives for each song
    • Additional materials included to print on your own:
      • 300 illustrations in color and black & white
      • Lyrics to all songs
      • Summary of our picture sheets
      • Reading material, “Makes Me Want to Sing”
      • Thematic grouping of all songs

    This set works great on the following speech and language objectives:

    Imitation Exploration 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

    1. Express Train – Taking turns talking
    2. Animals – Animal sounds
    3. Puppy, Puppy, Puppy – Actions/puppy sounds
    4. Noisy, Noisy, Noisy – Making noises
    5. Monkey Song – Vowels/actions
    6. Dump and Fill – Concepts of in and out
    7. Owie – Actions/common vocabulary
    8. Milk and Juice – Foods and choice questions
    9. Baby Blowing Bubbles – Words/phrases
    10. Put the Sound on the End – Ends of words
    11. Barefoot Toes – Two-syllable words/phrases
    12. Go in My Car – Vowels and the word, “go”
    13. Bye Bye – Two-word phrases/common objects

    Imitation Exploration 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

    1. Booga Choo Choo – Two-syllable combinations
    2. Hi – Two word phrases
    3. The New BMW – B, M, W in syllables
    4. Tongue Tip Time – T, D, N in syllables
    5. 5.    Let’s Eat – Foods
    6. Yee Haw – Animals/sounds
    7. Bath Time – Body parts/bath words
    8. Hi – slow version – Two-word phrases
    9. Gonna Get You – Two-syllable combinations
    10. Row Your Boat – Interaction song
    11. Put Them On – Clothes
    12. Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy – Interaction song
    13. Instrumental of The New BMW
    14. Instrumental of Let’s Eat
    15. Instrumental of Yee Haw
    16. Instrumental of Hi
    17. Instrumental of Put Them On
  • Talk It Rock It Song Sets for Speech and Language
    Talk It Rock It Sets 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, contain songs and visuals that focus on speech and language goals from imitation to verbal directions. Created by an SLP and geared for children from 2 to 10, purchase individually or in combos for huge savings!...

  • Talk It Rock It songs come in 5 distinct sets available in either CD format or a flashdrive. The sets can be purchased separately or in combos and include Imitation Exploration Set 1, Rock and Roll with a Language Goal Set 2, Drills for Sounds Set 3, Digo y canto set 4, and Animals Movin' and Groovin' Set 5. Each set comes with a list of objectives, suggested activities, and a complete set of printable pictures used to illustrate each song.

    • Our songs are filled with repetition of sounds, words, and phrases. We often repeat words in “chains of three” allowing children to practice sequencing sounds and syllables together – preparing them for phrases and multi-syllable words.
    • The words in our songs are slower paced, but have not lost the upbeat flow to keep children interested and attentive.
    • Our songs feature adults and kids singing together and taking verbal turns. We often use the phrase, “your turn”, in our songs to increase imitation.
    • We create our songs with a progression of sounds, words, and phrases in mind to help children progress from simple to complex. Our songs often contain simple consonant-vowel productions, single words, and simple phrases all within the same song to allow for different skill levels of children in the same group.
    • Our sets are all a bit different, focus on different speech and language goals, and vary in complexity.
    • Our sets contain visuals that illustrate our songs and a list of suggested activities.
    • We always have a speech-language pathologist available to guide you in choosing the right set or sets for your child or classroom.

    Set 1 – Imitation Exploration – This set contains 30 songs that focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication. The vocabulary is simple and repetitive and emphasize imitation including vowels, simple words, and phrases. The adult frequently gives the cue, “your turn” to practice the words and phrases of the song.

    Set 2 – Rock and Roll with a Language Goal

    • This set contains 24 songs that focus on many different speech and language tasks. This set is the most diverse of the sets. The songs focus on producing longer words and phrases to more complex verbal exercises such as understanding and answering questions as in our songs “What Happened” and “What’s That?” It also focuses on commenting, recognizing environmental sounds, and sequencing.

    • Many songs in this set are unique to the entire Talk It Rock It collection in that they are derived from favorite rock and roll tunes transformed into fun kids’ songs with kid-friendly lyrics. You will recognize the tunes of such songs as Rock Around the Clock Tonight, Help Me Rhonda, or Stop in the Name of Love, but the lyrics are different.

    Set 3 – Drills for Sounds

    • Especially beneficial for children with apraxia, articulation disorders, and/or phonological disorders, these simple songs and raps are excellent for any child who has difficulty pronouncing speech sounds to make words. It is higher level than our Set 1, but contains the same verbal imitation practice and invitation of “your turn” to encourage children to practice.
    • Many of the songs emphasize a specific speech sound and then blends those sounds in a variety of ways including chains of 3, consonant-vowels, words, and simple phrases. The sounds stressed on these CDs include vowels, h, m, w, t, d, n, k, f, s, sh, ch, y, b, and j. There are other raps in this set that encourage naming, pointing to objects on command, and gross motor imitation featuring our colorful scarves.

    Set 4 – Digo y canto- All Spanish songs

    • We created this set for the purpose of giving Spanish speaking children, with speech and language delays, practice in their native language. This set is also excellent for teaching Spanish to English speaking children.
    • The songs from Digo y canto contain 29 Spanish songs that focus on a variety of speech and language tasks from simple imitation of sounds, words, and phrases to direction-following tasks. The vocabulary emphasizes common Spanish words for young children from toddlers to early elementary age.

    Set 5 – Animals Movin’ and Groovin’

    • Differing from the other products in our line, Set 5 – Animals Movin’ and Groovin’, contains songs that focus on the sounds and actions of children’s favorite animals, like horses, monkeys and elephants. The songs in this set especially encourage engagement with others through the use of music and also emphasize imitation of sounds, words and motions.
    • 12 animal-face posters are included in this set. You can use the posters as they are or cut out the faces and use them to increase eye contact, imitation, turn taking, and engagement with children.