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Modern clinical stand. for dig. speech and voice assessment

Take a look at the modern clinical standard for digital acoustic and video speech and voice assessment from  WEVOSYS . NEW--> lingWAVES smartENDOSTROBO - mobil - flexible and rigid endoscopy/stroboscopy <-- Our lingWAVES system is an international standard for professional clinical voice and speech specialists around the world. lingWAVES is based on modern technology, with regular updates, new modules and international support. Over 3.500 users worldwide are highly satisfied and use lingWAVES day-by-day for quick, easy and reliable assessment - www.lingWAVES.com

Brands: lingWAVES - system for speech and voice


  • lingWAVES
    clinical acoustic and video speech and voice assessment...

  • Voice recording, voice quality assessment roughness, breathiness, ..., endoscopy, stroboscopy, voice protocol, voice range profile, nasality, motor speech disorder assessment, TheraVox biofeedback, pitch analysis, loudness measurement, s/z ratio, dysphonia severity index speaking voice profile, singing voice profile, jitter/shimmer, real time spectrography, ...