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Clinic Observation Recording System (CORS)- train clinicians

Clinic Observation Recording System (CORS)

by CVi

CORS is a complete, integrated, Linux-based (Ubuntu), multi-room Training Counseling/Interview Room Audio/Video Live Observation and Recording System, installed by CVi.

CORS is designed to benefit:

  • Students: to demonstrate and improve their clinical counseling skills quickly and effectively.

  • Faculty: to monitor, grade and assist students efficiently and unobtrusively.

  • Counseling Programs: to demonstrate their Clinical training achievement for accreditation purposes through the use of video evidence.

  • Lecturers: to record lectures and make them available to students.

  • Researchers: to search video archives, download and create video training videos.

  • Patients and Families: to monitor live treatments.

System Features include:

  • Multi- synchronized cameras and microphones per room.

  • Cross-browser support (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari),

  • Encrypted video and log-in for HIPAA and FERPA security.

  • Secure Multi-departmental recording platform.

  • Instant streaming of recorded video files

  • Uploading of external video files into database

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