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  • WaxRx pH Conditioned Ear Wash System
    The WaxRx pH Conditioned Ear Wash System is the first professional grade ear cleaning system for home use. From Doctor Easy Medical Products - makers of clinical ear washers for more than 20 years....

  • What makes the WaxRx different from other OTC ear cleaning methods?

    The doctor-developed WaxRx bridges the gap between currently available OTC remedies - that often fail - and the need to seek professional ear cleaning in the medical setting. With the WaxRx, patients can achieve professional ear cleaning at home.

    The WaxRx is an ear washerEar lavage is a preferred method for ear wax removal, and much safer than currently available OTC ear pics - more effective than OTC bulb syringes  - and more economical than aerosol cleaners.

    The WaxRx is the home version of Doctor Easy's popular Elephant and Rhino clinical ear washers. WaxRx uses the same specially designed nozzle and tips as our professional ear washers, that have been clinically proven for more than 2 decades, so you know it’s safe and effective.

    The refillable, reusable WaxRx is economical. The starter System includes 3 complete washes and with the convenient refill, ear washes can cost less than $3 a wash.  

    With the WaxRx, individuals can now achieve professional-grade ear cleaning at home. More importantly, regular use of the WaxRx can prevent serious impaction. Hearing aid wearers can extend the life of their hearing aids by preventing destructive wax build up at home.

  • The Elephant Ear Washer
    The Elephant Ear Washer allows clinicians to thoroughly and effectively remove ear wax in the medical setting. Practitioners have trusted the Elephant Ear Washer for more than 20 years....

  • Ear lavage is a preferred method for ear wax removal in the clinical setting.  The doctor-devoloped Elephant Ear Washer has been trusted by medical professionals to provide safe and effective ear washing in the office for two decades - so you know its safe and effective.

    The trusted Elephant Ear Washer is quieter than electric ear lavage systems, more economical than similar manual ear washerd, and  more efficient than than syringes.

    Save time and money cleaning ears with the reusable, refillable Elephant Ear Washer.