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We are excited to share our Nailbot journey @ G.I.R.L. 2017!

Preemadonna is a technology company building smart products, powering creative platforms and inspiring self expression. The Nailbot, our first nail art printer, automatically decorates nails instantly with a smartphone! Through our platform, Preemadonnas can express themselves in creative and original ways.

Preemadonnas are DYNAMIC! We are inventors, artists, makers, engineers and showstoppers. We believe that smart is beautiful. Our community is learning about the technology behind the Nailbot through our STEM curriculum, Ambassador programs & nonprofit partnerships.

Brands: Nailbot; Preemadonna


  • The Nailbot
    The Nailbot prints instant custom nail art directly on your fingernails with your smartphone!

  • The Nailbot prints instant custom nail art directly on your fingernails using your smartphone!

    FAQ: How does Lacey Nailbot (the first Nailbot) work?

    1. Prep your nails with light colored polish and our pre-print coat

    2. Place phone in the Nailbot cradle

    3. We use the back camera on your phone to detect and size your fingernail. (The Nailbot leverages the vision capabilities of your smartphone, the processing power of your phone, and our mobile phone application.)

    4. Time to Personalize! Select the image you’d like on your nail - you can design your own art, choose from your camera roll, our Preemadonna gallery or our licensed art section. In time, we will integrate with third party social networks. Our galleries will be extensive by the time the product ships.

    5. Put your finger in the cradle

    6. Tap Print

    7. Seal Image with Top Coat

    8. Share your art with your networks and the Preemadonna community!

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