Intamin Amusement Rides Int. Corp. Est

  • Booth: L1221

You are invited to celebrate with us 50 Years INTAMIN.

INTAMIN offers the largest complementary line of products in the amusement ride industry. The company is worldwide known for its high quality and innovative amusement rides.

INTAMIN is market leader in several categories from all types of Roller Coasters (Steel and Wood) to all kinds of Water Rides (e.g. Rapids Rides, Flume Rides, Spillwater Rides, etc.), from Observation Towers to Free Fall Attractions, from Giant Wheels to Simulators, and from Dark Rides to Round/High-Rising Rides.

INTAMIN is synonymous with innovation, quality and creativity.

INTAMIN在游乐设备产业内提供广泛的系列产品。公司以其提供高质量和创新型游乐设备而闻名全球。 从各种过山车(无论钢构还是木质过山车)到各种水上设备(如漂流河,木筏激流,激流勇进等),从观光塔到自由落体设备,从摩天轮到模拟设备,从黑暗乘骑到旋转类设备/升降设备,INTAMIN在多种设备分类中都处于市场领先地位。 INTAMIN始终坚持创新、质量和创意同步发展。