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JRA conceives, visualizes and realizes exceptional visitor experiences for theme parks, attractions, museums, sports venues, corporations and leisure destinations around the world. Whether it’s a theme park, stadium, history museum, science center, brand experience or children’s attraction, JRA has been fortunate to work with some of the  world’s most exciting organizations, helping them tell their stories in ways that are meaningful, enjoyable and memorable. Our client list includes American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Crayola, Ferrari, Jim Beam, Kodak, Paramount, Science Centre Singapore, Space Center Houston, and Volkswagen. 

From master planning to complete attraction design, leading companies throughout the entertainment industry have called on JRA’s innovation and expertise. With more than 30 years in the planning,  design and implementation of theme parks and attractions around the  world, JRA has the creative energy, technical expertise and proven  experience to successfully create new entertainment venuesor dramatically improve existing ones. Our award-winning projects  combine imaginative design and storytelling with solid operational planning to consistently achieve their experiential goals.

JRA 服务于主题娱乐、博物馆、运动场馆娱乐以及企业访 客中心行业,为来自全世界的客户构思并实现超乎寻常的游 客体验。 不论是一个儿童景点、运动场馆、历史博物馆、 科学中心、品牌体验或主题公园,JRA曾有幸和世界上一些 最知名的组织合作,用意趣横生、令人难忘的方式讲述他们 的故事。 从总体策划到单独的景点设计, JRA以其特有的创造力和 专业技术曾为娱乐行业最杰出的多家公司服务。 JRA在主 题公园行业具有30多年的宝贵经验。不论是为整个主题公 园提供策划,还是设计单一景点、零售点、餐厅或多功能设 施,JRA都有足够的灵感和实用知识成功地推出一个崭新的 场馆或对一个有待改善的设施妙手回春。 我们的设计、故 事编排和主题开发屡获殊荣,总是把充满想像力的创意和实 际的运营指标相结合。 作为娱乐界的领头羊,JRA被业界在体验规划和设计方面被 授予多个奖项。两个接纳JRA的著名国际组织包括国际游乐 场和景点协会和主题娱乐协会。JRA赢得了11项国际游乐场 和景点协会的最佳新制作奖以及8项主题娱乐协会因杰出成 就而颁发的主题协会奖。

 Press Releases

  • The “next big thing” has just opened at Space Center Houston. The spectacular new Mission Mars exhibit showcases an immersive experience about the red planet and offers an opportunity to peer inside an Orion spacecraft research model, stand close to a giant model rocket and walk on a virtual Mars environment.

    Space Center Houston has enjoyed a spate of recent successes. Independence Plaza, which opened in January 2016, helped the center reach a record annual attendance of over one million visitors and captured two Brass Ring Awards at the recent International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo. JRA provided completing planning, design and project management for Independence Plaza.

    This new multi-million-dollar Mission Mars interactive exhibit, designed with input from NASA experts, opens as the nonprofit also kicks off its 25th anniversary year. JRA is again providing planning, design and project management.

    “This new major exhibit will inspire the next generation of explorers who could one day walk on Mars,” said William T. Harris, president and CEO of the science and space learning center. “Visitors will explore what it takes to travel to Mars, the hardware that will get us to the fourth planet in our solar system and how humans may live and conduct research on the red planet in future decades.”

    Space Center Houston worked closely with NASA in the development of Mission Mars. A stunning 4K technology video shows a virtual Mars landscape with rovers exploring the planet, a future rocket launching from Earth and heading for Mars and future astronauts landing. The exhibit puts visitors in the astronaut’s seat of an Orion simulator and allows them to record their own historic messages as they take their first steps on Mars. A collection of three rare Mars meteorites is on display inside the exhibit for a limited time, plus there is a special Mars rock visitors can touch. There are only 60,000 known meteorites on Earth, fewer than 150 are from Mars and most of those are held in private collections.

    The future-looking exhibit takes visitors to a Mars landscape and features a look at how Mars and Martians have been illustrated in pop culture; the wealth of potential scientific discoveries to uncover on Mars; the innovation needed to build the most advanced spacecraft; and what returning to earth from deep space involves. Understanding the evolution and formation of Mars is the first step of the journey in the new exhibit. The physical terrain is explored through virtual landscapes provided from an orbiting satellite and surface rovers. The experience allows visitors to leave their footprints on three different types of Mars surfaces, study Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system, and seek evidence of water and water erosion as keys to finding evidence of possible life on Mars.

    Visitors are able to peer inside a full-size Orion research model used by engineers from NASA Johnson Space Center and Lockheed Martin. The exhibit includes a magnificent 45-foot 1/8th scale model of the Space Launch System, which will be the most advanced and powerful deep space rocket ever produced. The SLS will use four RS-25 engines to help propel astronauts further into space than any rocket in history. Visitors can walk around one of these engines in the display. Touch-screen activities provide an opportunity to explore Mars, suit up an astronaut and pack for the long trip. Astronauts will face a unique set of challenges to sustain life and conduct experiments deep in the solar system. The exhibit shows how resources will be conserved and what techniques will be used to grow fresh food to sustain astronauts and reduce payload.

    NASA’s Office of Education provided a grant through the Competitive Program for Museums, Science Centers, Planetariums and NASA Visitor Centers. These grants are designed to create interactive exhibits to engage the public, students and teachers in NASA-themed science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Lockheed Martin provided the Orion capsule research model, along with financial support for the exhibit construction. Space Center Houston is holding a jubilee celebration all year to honor its 25th anniversary on Oct. 16. The activities include the debut of several new exhibits, special events and a thought-leader speaker series. 

  • Many of racing’s greatest names were on hand at the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America’s (MSHFA) recent opening at Daytona International Speedway.

    The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America (MSHFA) is the only hall of fame that encompasses the full spectrum of American motorsports: cars, motorcycles, off-road, powerboats and airplanes.  Holding its first induction ceremony in 1989, the facility was headquartered in Novi, Michigan from 1989-2015 and relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida in 2016.

    JRA (Jack Rouse Associates) provided complete planning, design, project management and art direction for MSHFA’s nearly 23,000 square feet of refreshed exhibit space, with exhibit fabrication by The Nassal Company, audiovisual integration by Electrosonic, and lighting design by Abernathy Lighting Design. The new and renovated exhibits reflect the MSHFA’s mission to celebrate and instill the core values of leadership, creativity, originality, teamwork and spirit of competition embodied in motorsports.

    Artifacts and graphics honor the pioneers and master racers of America’s motorsports heritage, as well as drag racing, aviation, motorcycles, powerboats, sports cars, stock cars, open wheel racing and the racing world at large.

    At the end of the Hall of Heroes – a dramatic display populated with legendary motor speed vehicles cutting the full height of the building – is a circular pavilion that houses plaques honoring the most recent inductees to the Hall of Fame.  After a year, these inductees will join their fellow heroes in their respective fields.


    Standing next to this open gazebo is a tribute to one of the icons of the racing industry, Robert E. Petersen. His fame and success as a publisher is only matched by his profound love of motorsports. Noticing an absence of hot-rod specific media, he founded Hot Rod Magazine, and eventually built his empire on automotive publications. A towering marquee leads visitors to a large theater that celebrates Petersen’s accomplishments and features other racing films. The Petersen Theatre serves as a testament to the passion that motorsports have inspired in fans the world over. 

    As part of the long-awaited opening ceremony, the MSHFA held a formal ribbon cutting, featuring the unveiling and dedication of the Petersen Theatre.  Distinguished guests at the ceremony included Bobby Allison, Kurt Busch, Richard Childress, Tom D’Eath, Hurley Haywood, Rusty Wallace, Darrell Waltrip and Humpy Wheeler.

    “The racing immortals who were with us helped us usher in a new era for the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America,” said MSHFA President Ron Watson. “The compelling stories of all of our inductees – our ‘Heroes of Horsepower’ – collectively form the foundation of our new facility. Combine those individual histories with our many classic racing vehicles and our other exhibits, and you have a hall of fame that is truly a ‘must-see’.”

    The 29th Annual MSHFA Induction Ceremony will be held in Daytona Beach on Wednesday, June 28. The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America is located at 1801 West International Speedway Boulevard, Daytona, Florida, USA. For additional information, or to purchase tickets, visit www.mshf.com/museum. The MSHFA is operated by the nonprofit Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame of America Foundation, Inc.

  • “King Abdullah: Values and Wisdom”, the Introductory Convoy of the 2018 King Abdullah Exhibition, recently debuted at the 31st Al Janadriyah National Festival for Heritage and Culture in Saudi Arabia. 

    The collected artifacts, photographs and videos featured in the traveling exhibit are part of an intensive effort aimed at preserving King Abdullah’s legacy and promoting his values and wisdom, both locally and globally. The exhibit provides a glimpse of the preparations underway by the King Abdullah Foundation for a major exhibition in 2018.  Following Janadriyah, the convoy will travel to 19 other cities throughout the Kingdom.

    The experience begins with a three-dimensional map of where the convoy will be journeying throughout Saudi Arabia. Once inside the traveling exhibit trailer, guests can “Walk with the King,” viewing and digitally interacting with over 500 photographs of the late ruler. Visitors can then peruse a variety of King Abdullah’s personal effects, including garments, furniture and artwork. The exhibit concludes with “Stories of the King”, where guests can leave a video message about what this groundbreaking leader meant to them. The 50-square-meter exhibit has welcomed over 5,000 people per day since its opening.

    “King Abdullah: Values and Wisdom” is an initiative of the King Abdullah Foundation, which seeks to sustain King Abdullah’s vision for a better world based on the virtues he espoused of justice, virtue, peace, and humanity. The History Factory, Jack Rouse Associates (JRA), and The Brand Experience worked together to conceptualize, design and produce the King Abdullah Introductory Convoy for the Foundation.

    “…Seek with tireless determination to acquire knowledge and learning; you are, after all, the builders of the future era, a future that will not accept anything less than to be in the forefront for the sake of our country that is generous to us and which expects from us the fruits of what it has given to us to make our country rise among nations.”- King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud