Monte Marenzo,  LC 
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KONG s.p.a. is a technologically advanced Italian Company, certified ISO 9002, leader in the production of carabiners and tools for climbing, rescue, safety at work and yachting.
The company has a historical tradition which dates back to the centuries old ironworks around Lecco, on Lake Como. Here, from about 1830, Giuseppe Bonaiti established a highly organized mechanical workshop for industrial metal ware production.
The entire production cycle, from the design to the packaging is made in our factory located in Monte Marenzo (LC), Italy, where each PPE is tested piece by piece and then sold all over the world.
We also collaborate with the French brand Coudou Pro in the production of continuous lifeline systems and carabiners for adventure parks; in fact thanks to the various components of this system it is possible to secure all steps and various games of your park.
Coudou Pro system will allow you to save on surveillance staff costs, ensuring better security for your customers.
Being manufacturers, the high quality standards guaranteed by “Made in Italy”  production and assistance of our staff, allow us to meet everyone’s needs and provide customized solutions.
Kong is everywhere somebody climbs!

KONG s.p.a.是一家技术先进的意大利公司,经过ISO 9002认证,生产用于攀岩,救援,工作和游艇安全的扣。 该公司具有悠久的传统的历史,从1830年左右 ,由莱科 (lecco )到莫湖Lake Como周围的古老炼铁厂。在这里,朱塞佩•博纳蒂亚(Giuseppe Bonaiti)成立了一个高度组织的工业金属制品机械车。 整个生产周期,从设计到包装是在我们位于意大利的蒙特马伦佐(Monte Marenzo)的工厂进行的,其中每个个人防护装备被逐件测试,然后在世界各地销售。 我们还与法国品牌Coudou Pro合作,为冒险公园生产连续生命线系统和卡车;事实上,由于这个系统的各个组件,因此可以确保您的野外公园的各种游戏及所有步骤。 Coudou Pro系统将允许您节省监控人员成本,确保为您的客户提供更好的安全性。 作为制造商,由“意大利制造”生产和协助我们的员工保证的高质量标准,使我们能够满足大家的需求并提供定制解决方案。 Kong是那里有人爬.