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LASERWAR — №1 manufacturer of laser tag equipment in Russia

LASERWAR is №1 company compared to other laser tag manufacturers in Russia. 

We are respected all over the world and have the most varied and extensive range of laser tag equipment on the world market (over 100 items, new products are coming soon). The price is always competitive. Our mission is to make laser tag a kind of recreation activity. We promote healthy lifestyle and patriotism among the young people. 

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LASERWAR 是俄罗斯的№1公司。他在世界上很有名。我们有很多激光标签设备 (我们制造了一百台设备)。价格非常好。 我们的枪看起来很真实! 加入我们:

 Press Releases

  • Lasertag is a real-time military sports game. Its main objective is to defeat the opposing team by capturing special game objects (checkpoints etc.) and/or by shooting opposing players with lasertag blasters (or taggers) with inbuilt infrared emitters.

    Despite the fact that lasertag came to Russia only in 2001, over the last few years about a thousand of clubs have appeared not only in our country.

    LASERWAR is the brand of LASERTAG LLC. Initially, it was just a name of the first lasertag club in Russia, but in time it transformed into a solid company of likeminded people that design, produce and manufacture lasertag equipment and software.

    Now we can say for sure that LASERWAR is a synonym for lasertag in Russia and abroad. We have partners and friendly clubs in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belorussia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as in Japan, Brazil, Chile and India.

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  • Ak-12- outdoor laser tag
    AK12-LT Predator is a unique game set that is popular all over the world....

  • The Kalashnikov AK-12 was very popular in the Russian Army. You may have seen the device on tv or in PC games. Now LASERWAR has created a unique tagger which has no equal. The device is powered by a lithium accumulator. AK-12 is made of special plastic. Inside there is smart electronics. The weapon aso has digital sound support.

    With the help of good optics you can hit the target at a destance of 250 meters.

    The lithium accumulator gives 30 hours of great performance.

    Use the anti-vandal lock to turn on the weapon.

    For many years LASERWAR company has been searching for the model which will lead the family of the next-generation equipment. The Kalashnikov AK-12 drew our attention. Having added some changes in the frame structure and made it on one's own we created an excellent lasertag model: the Ak-12LT Predator kit form the "Special" series. From the point of its design the weapon looks almost completely like its real prototype. The main differences are rail systems by Weaver for additional equipment and the buttstock design. We made it heavier for the player's convenience. The performance characteristics of the AK-12 LT Predator from the Special series: The maximum range is two hundred and fifty meters.

    - The "Smart Li +" accumulator. The battery life of the kit is up to thirty hours.

    - The length is seventy centimeters.

    - The weight is one kilogram.

    The AK-12 LT is notable for the impressive design. Owing to the performance characteristics, it easily leaves behind all other taggers. The prototype has a built-in optical system which provides a kill distance of two hundred and fifty meters. But you don't need such a range during building assaults.

    The lightweight weapon works well . And it can be easily explained by the weight of the "Predator" which is one kilo only as well as its length of seventy centimeters. At the same time it is a well balanced weapon. This game kit is ideal for men woman and children. The "Predator" is a many-sided weapon. That's why it can be a perfect solution for sports lasertag which has uniform rules, standards and technical characteristics The rental of AK-12 suggests itself.

    The "Predator" from LASERWAR company - is the the peak of style and design. The rail systems allow to change the design beyond recognition. Inside the weapon there is compact electronics: here you have the power slot, motherboard and the optical system.

    Please watch a nice description of the device in English to see the weapon in action as well as some crash tests:

  • CYBERTAG - New hi-tech indoor lasertag
    CYBERTAG - a new approach to arena lasertag. It has everything you need: nice software, lot's of equipment and scenarios. Our office is located in Russia. The price is very competitive....

  • We present new generation equipment that is gaining popularity all over the world. Let's talk about some features:

    - Software - a pearl of CYBERTAG. It helps to create various kinds of scenarios. You can change all the settings on the go using a notebook or a phone.

    Equipment. Consists of a blaster and vest.

    Additional arena equipment. Consists of different devices that you can install on yout playing ground.

    - Digital Statistics

    Let's once more enumerate the cybertag advantages:

    1.       Our lasertag arena systems are notable for their appearance.

    2.       The lasertag arena equipment from LASERWAR has a lot of unique technical characteristics.

    3.       The Software is the key feature of the entire game set, it can be used in many game scenarios together with modern special effects.

    4.       It has the lowest price on the market. The arena is a combination of good price and quality.


    The lasertag equipment set consists of a vest and a blaster connected by a special stranded cable. The vest has three separate hit zones. There are also three built in hit sensors in the Blaster which catch a signal no matter which side it comes from. Yes, you can shoot at the blaster! The company takes care of design from the logo and to high quality materials. Everything is for amazing gaming experience. The special fabric on the outer side of the vest and and the Air mesh lining make our game set very light and convenient for the game. There are places for installing chevrons. Also you can make them yourself, they will show the name of your arena, players' ranks. It will make the design of the chevrons unique. Pay attention to the cone-shaped sensors as well as to the accumulator compartment: there are no sharp edges - just what we need for arena lasertag

    Due to the belts on the vest it can be used by people of all ages and height. The arena laser tag is very comfortable to play for both children, and adults. The special sewing technology makes the vest very durable .

    The blaster was the centre of our attention. It is of a round shape and the illumination of the weapon is evenly distributed. This increases safety while playing in the dark areas of the maze.

    AMD, an autonomic maze device is also worth mentioning. It is the embodiment of magnificent design. It has holes and can to be installed on the ceiling or wall. There is a built in dynamic, IR diodes and bright interactive illumination.


    Due to the updated power system of the set the battery life has become three times bigger: you can play from 8 to 14 hours non stop! The battery life depends on the brightness of vest or blaster illumination. 

    Our equipment has unique LED illumination. It is more modern and safer than that of  outdated lasers. The blaster has a "both hands" sensor. You can shoot with both hands only. This is an obligatory requirement for lasertag arena systems.

    There are 30 bright LEDs and three powerful vibration motors which can be run separately. The player will know the place a shot came from. You will really get into the game when you are hit!

    The blaster weighs just 580 grams; the frame is made of very durable polycarbonate.

    Its small size and smart trigger system provide excellent gaming experience for both children and adults. The beautiful sound support will not leave you cold. The one - watt dynamics produce loud and clear sound effects. Their number increases with each update.

    Cybertag uses radio bases operating at a frequency of 2.4Ghz. They support of up to 50 lasertag fighters playing simultaneously. Two, three and even more arenas can be located in one building. The channel frequency can be changed.

    The additional interactive AMD device has a discrete radio base module. It increases the coverage area and provides a real-time control of the game.

    The polyurethane stranded cable joining together the vest and the weapon can carry the weight of 200 kilograms and even more. There were times when special connectors were installed. And now we provide a new type of connection using R 45 connectors. During intensive use it makes possible to change the cable in case of damage. It is very convenient if you have a lot of customers.


    The key feature of the whole laser tag arena project is high-quality software.

    It has a user-friendly interface. And it will take just several minutes to understand its work.  The program helps to easily rename players, regroup teams manually or automatically. It makes preparations to the game easier. Also we have a good chance of editing scenarios and making new ones on our own!  

    Please watch a nice video presentation of our cybertag project: