Magian Media Studio  

Melbourne,  VIC 
  • Booth: B2232

Magian Media Studio creates digital multimedia projects

Magian has a long history of working on projects that need a combination of creative and technical innovation. We create exciting, stimulating, energetic interactive and/or immersive multimedia experiences. Magian designs and produces the content and the software for multimedia at the same time as designing and specifying the technical infrastructure. We understand that the best educational and interpretive experiences respond to the diverse interests, backgrounds, and learning styles of visitors. We design for this by employing a wide range of media applications and content combined with vivid story-telling. Magian is also experienced at consulting to undertake to incorporate multimedia during the initial design process of a project. We provide design reports that detail the creative possibilities as well as production and hardware budget estimates that can be relied upon for implementation. We have a comprehensive in-house capability to carry out all aspects of multimedia design and production. Our software systems are specifically tailored to support the methodologies, needs and objectives of our projects. We value the rich range of fascinating projects on which we have been privileged to work.



  • Magian MMaPS Content Management System
    Magian’s MMaPS software system is a digital assets CMS integrated with multimedia publishing for touchscreens, tablets, smartphones and digital signage

  • Magian has created MMaPS specifically in response to the demand from theme parks, aquariums and museums to easily update and change content in multimedia applications.  As well as operating as a fully functional digital assets Content Management System, MMaPS allows staff to update and change the content in a wide range of multimedia applications including touchscreens, tablets, digital signage, projections, soundscapes and mobile apps.

    MMaPS stores digital media assets at high resolution within a fully searchable database.  MMaPS is the central repository for all digital assets, including images, videos, audio, Powerpoint and documents.  MMaPS supports all common file formats and we recommend using the highest resolution. The MMaPS Content Manager is accessed in a web browser. MMaPS can be located on a network server or the cloud.  



  • MAGIAN DiAC Interactive Audio Control Software
    The Magian DiAC software controls audio in exhibits. It is especially suited to multi-channel soundscapes and provides control functions for touchscreens and video installations.

  • DiAC provides an interactive, multichannel audio environment. Each individual audio channel responds automatically to visitors in the defined areas. The software continuously adjusts audio volumes, track selection and audio mix, ensuring a continuously fresh, subtly different audio environment tailored to the numbers of people in each of the zones. DiAC controls come from motion sensing video cameras, presence and motion sensors, touchscreens, pushbuttons, switches etc. Motion sensing video cameras provide an accurate and comprehensive method to locate visitors in the exhibit spaces allowing for the DiAC system to be programmed to respond to the visitors as they move through the exhibit spaces.

    DiAC can be configured to handle many different types of theatre and presentation activities. Show control features allow cueing of lighting controllers and other effects devices, all synchronised with video and other multimedia playback. Show control can be handled by DiAC alone, or may be shared between DiAC and other 3rd party hardware and software, especially when the project involves extensions to an existing installation.

    An iPhone app developed for control of the DiAC software can be customized for specific installations.




  • MAGIAN kDiAC Touchscreen Kiosk Audio Control
    The MAGIAN DiAC System controls interactive environments in multimedia exhibits. The MAGIAN kDiAC System is specifically for control of audio playback within a touchscreen kiosk.

  • Magian kDiAC provides precise control of audio for touchscreens and digital signage. A presence sensor at the screen is used to tell the system when a visitor is in front of the screen.

    The system responds automatically to the visitor. The system sets the audio volume to be at a low level when nobody is standing in front of the screen. When a visitor steps in front of the screen then the volume fades up to a comfortable level and stays at that level as long as the visitor remains in front of the screen. When the visitor walks away then the system fades the audio back down to the low level so that the screen is not left with audio at a high volume level that will disturb visitors in other areas of the exhibit.

    Importantly the kDiAC System also allows for the adjustment of the mix of the individual sounds in the program including the relative volume levels of background sound effects and/or music, the video soundtrack, button clicks and other sound sources within the program.

    The overall system monitors all of the presence sensors on the various screens as well as signals from other motion sensing video cameras in the exhibit spaces. The system adjusts the maximum level to be a comfortable level according to the overall numbers of visitors in the exhibit space.