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Welcome to IAAPA 2017. Remember to catch our Mascot!

Mascot Enteprise- Mascot production house

​Mascot Enterprise specializes in building Captivating & Memorable Mascots. We believe that every Mascot is unique on its own and plays an
important role in representing their brand and character. With quality Resources, strong expertise & Passion, Mascot enterprise will always strive
to capture the needs of every clients and translate them into the finest Mascots. We have built a strong clientele base internationally. We are proud
to show Case our Mascots this year.

Brands: My little ponies, Garfield, Ice Age, Rio, Transformers, Epic, Forever Friends, Care bear Looney tunes, Play doh, Flintstones, Mr Monopoly

 Press Releases

  • It is a baseline standard for themepark nowadays to have Mascots as an attraction. It is part of providing a thematic experience to your visitors. 
    There has been a misalignment of requirements of mascots between the perspective of visitors and themepark management. Themepark management
    typically want the miles of the Mascot to last as long as possible without requiring to buy an additional copy of the Mascot. Visitors want to 
    experience the most realistic character being brought to life without all the torn and stained costumes and bad talent habits frame.
    The Terrain for themepark has completely changed today. The standards of Mascots required are getting higher and higher. Themepark management 
    want to ENGAGE their visitors. ENGAGEMENT is a pretty huge word with tremendous amount of work behind to achieve it. Visitors used to just 
    take a picture with the Mascot Character and keep that picture as a trophy that I have been to a certain themepark. Visitors, nowadays, 
    want to experience more than just keeping a photo. Visitors want to never forget how a specific character scared the daylights out of them or 
    gave them the "Awwww " moment where parents can see how their kids interact with their actual character. Having such moments will automatically
     boost your Social Media mileage in this competitive themepark industry and the best part is No marketing Dollars spent for getting visitors
     to talk about your theme park naturally.
    To be able to get your Mascots to engage your visitors lies in 2 factors. 
    1) Choice of talent and training provided to engage the visitors.
    2) Inclusion of Special features into your Mascot Characters.
    Find out more about having such features at L1535. See you!
    Mascot Enterprise Pte Ltd
    Based in Singapore. Own production facility.
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