Atlantis Pool

Basaksehir, Istanbul, 
  • Booth: B1525

Water park water systems supplier.

Atlantis Pool is the only supplier in the world with the whole range of water park water systems such as Surf Pools (constant wave), Surf Pools (up to 2,5m height waves, Wave Pools, Lazy Rivers, Wave Rivers, Torrent Rivers, Pool Filtration Systems, Slides water hydromechanical systems, etc. Atlantis Pool is the right address for all water park water systems that supplies high quality systems where biggest European manufacturer brands are used such as Xylem, KSB, Grundfos, Schneider, Kripsol, etc. Atlantis Pool has its signature in more then 350 projects in more then 50 countries.


  • Surf Pool
    It is a machine making possible the domestication of a wild ocean wave, which you ride for surfing. The riders are riding against a constant flow on the pool surface....

  • Surf Pool has become a popular attraction and a sportive amusement alternative for the water park visitors. The attraction is not perfectly suitable only for the water parks but also for the hotels, shopping malls, surf clubs and any kind of amusement centers or it is even good as a standalone attraction facility. In scope of this progress, it was unavoidable to create a system making possible to domestication of the wild ocean waves which people can ride to have a real surfing experience. Besides delivering a truly exhilarating ride, every element of the attraction has been designed for optimal performance and efficiency. The number of the pumps in this attraction determines the width of the riding surface and comfort of rididng as well as eye appealing factor of the attraction. The attraction is perfect for advertisement campaigns and corporate team building events. As a stand alone attraction surf simulator will be a perfect spot to drop somewhere in the city with a bar and terraces so locals can enjoy an ocean wave in their own city all the times.
  • Wave Pool
    An artificial wave pool is THE MOST popular attraction in the water parks due to its high turnover capacity, low investment and operation costs....

  • Wave pool has become one of the most popular water attractions in due to its high turnover capacity and the fact that it is loved by everybody from 7 to 77. This pool is one of the safest attractions that can be in a water park as well, maybe that is the reason for it to be chosen by 90% of the water park investors to include it in their attraction lists. When the park is overcrowded wave pool is the perfect place to find yourself at. Our wave pool system are engineered for endurance, safety, convenience of operation and maintenance. Also this indispensable attraction is designed, projected and installed in accordance with the theme of park to ensure the guests to have unlimited fun. 

    What about the operation principle of wave pool system? The area of a wave pool starts from 200m2 and can reach unlimited sizes and shapes, there is no limits in architectural and technical design of the system and pools shape. Our wave systems deliver the air produced by air fan to the chamber in order to blow and let the water mass flow wavy by fully automatic PLC and touch screen units. As an explanatory example of new generation system, if the air is blown from all chambers, the pool produces a single smooth wave, whereas if the system is programmed for random or periodical action of pneumatic valves, it produces mixed waves up to 120 cm height. You can give your guests the ultimate wave pool experience with more options for on-demand and pre-programmable wave pattern sequences.