Murphy's Waves Ltd.

Glasgow,  SCOTLAND 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: L840

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The world leaders in real wave and surf pool technology, Murphys Waves design and manufacture a range of high quality family "Breaker Wave" machines and state of the art Surf Systems. The record breaking "Point Break Surf" is the ultimate waterpark attraction producing the biggest waves in the world up to 3.4M (11ft) high.

NEW FOR 2017

Surf-Air Permanent - Hot on the heels of our award winning Surf Air mobile, the Surf Air Permanent has been designed as a permanent, low-cost attraction for our friends in the water park industry!

全球领先的真实波浪和冲浪泳池技术公司,墨菲造波设备公司设计和制造系列高品质“碎波(Breaker Wave)”机和先进的冲浪系统。破纪录的“极点冲浪(Point Break Surf)”是终极水上乐园的吸引力所在,可以产生全世界最大的人造波浪,浪高达3.4米(11英尺)。