Okamoto Mfg. Co., Ltd.

  • Booth: B2234

Okamoto Manufacturing Company Ltd. is one of the leading amusement machines manufacturers in Japan since fifty years earlier with wide-range of experience and technology without comparison in the amusement park sector. As you find in the brochures attached, we have hitherto designed, manufactured and installed our amusement machines not only for the amusement parks in Japan, but also for some amusement parks in the foreign countries.  

In addition to manufacturing various kinds of the amusement machines, that is our main line, we are doing the amusement machines consignment based operations as well as our own operations at the domestic amusement facilities. We too are fully responsible for overseas operations of our amusement machines installed at some parks according to the joint-venture contract with our foreign partners. For further details of Okamoto Manufacturing Company, Ltd. we are much pleased at inviting your attention to the descriptions here in after.