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Trust the global leader PENTAIR AQUATIC SYSTMES

Pentair offers an outstanding group of pool products, all backed by cutting-edge technology & one of the largest R&D team in the industry with efficiency performances, ease of operation and outstanding reliability for your projects.

Pentair will assist you in the design process of your project and will create an integrated system package whether you are planning a large residential or a spectacular competition pool, a mega water theme park, aquarium, zoo or envisioning a unique aquatic environment. 

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  • Pentair with over 40 years of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced and energy-saving pool products has built its reputation as the pool industy's global leader. Whether you are planning a large residential swimming pool, an impressive competition pool, a super-sized water or theme park, an aquarium, fountain or envisioning a unique aquatic environment - Pentair can make your vision a reality.

    Pentair actively partners with owners and designers to bring their concept to reality. Our support begins with creative solutions for the team. From the master plan to each uniquely designed guest experience or attractions we can address water's functional and aesthetic solutions.


    At Pentair, we have revolutionized the water park industry with innovative and high-performance pool products. We are able to provide specifically designed and manufacturer equipment for the most original and contemporary waterpark projects. For this reason we are the trusted partners of the world’s top water parks designers


    A well appointed and equipped pool is appealing to the eyes, refreshing to the touch and an oasis of relaxation and comfort for guests. Yet today’s luxury pool must also operate with unprecedented efficiency—minimizing energy use and maintenance expense to support your property’s sustained success. Pool equipment from Pentair Aquatic Systems is the answer. As the most experienced supplier of pool equipment to the hospitality industry, we understand your need for long-term reliability, easy operation and equally easy maintenance. Our experts are available to help you choose the best equipment for your pool, including integrated system packages for the ultimate in performance and efficiency.


    Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems has been participating in the Aquatic Life Support Systems creation and operation of aquaria/zoological exhibits, museums and visitor centers with industry leading equipment and service support. As a manufacturer and supplier, we offer a wide range of specialty products and system options designed for the aquarium/zoological environments and wildlife habitats. Our experience includes working with owners, architects, facility operators, exhibit designers and engineers. With our team of world class designers, biologists and consultants we can help you achieve your goals without compromising the integrity and experience of your program definition and vision. Whether for a new project or a retrofit application, saltwater or freshwater aquatic design, we have the expertise and dedicated team to reach your goal with optimum reliability and efficiency. A few of our diverse and specialty projects include: Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Systems and Hospital; Multispecies, Multi-Gallon Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums; Shark Tanks; Ray Touch Pools; Penguin, Seal, and Otter exhibits.


    Nature’s recreation requires innovative solutions for every pattern of water. At Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, we value our collaboration in the creation and vision of the guest experience. Our products are engineered to function in harmony with the elements of the golf course or lake environment. From the challenges and play on the golf course to the effects and enjoyment of water’s footprint throughout the master planned site, our experience, and products are utilized as a creative solution for your project vision.


    We provide a wide range of equipment specifically designed for fountains and water features to embellish your project. Whether from initial concept design through operation, or specific criteria and site applications, our equipment and system options and technology are integral for both functional and aesthetic disciplines.