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Mangalore,  Karnataka 
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Welcome to Semnox, leading provider of Cashless solution

Semnox provides cashless RFID based debit card solution, ticketing and access management solutions for Indoor FECs and Outdoor Theme and Water Parks. Semnox's award winning product "Parafait" is comprised of RFID/barcode readers as deducting agents, Ticketing/Admission control, RFID Lockers, Integrated POS and Sales management, mobile POS, Digital Signage, HR, CRM, Cloud Based reporting and much more. Provides capabilities to manage food courts and restaurants including kitchen display system for optimal delivery management. 

 Press Releases

  • Mario Land, one of the largest chain of Family Entertainment Centers in Thailand owned by the Hahama Group recently implemented Semnox’s Cashless Debit Card system at 3 of their new locations. The 3 new locations namely Snow and Ice Planet, Whaley Port and Wonder Planet have a combination of Arcade, Redemption, Video Games including a full-fledged Children’s play, a Snow Park at Snow and Ice Planet and an artificial kid’s beach at Whaley Port. At an average of about 250 games at each location, these 3 new sites are a complete family entertainment zone for all ages under one roof.  Semnox’s 3.5 Inch Color readers working on the latest 802.11b/g Wi-Fi technology are installed on each of the games. In addition to this, Semnox’s integrated time based billing system has been implemented at each of these sites to bill customers exactly for the time they spend in the Children’s soft play area and Snow Park.
    “Our partnership with Semnox has grown over the years and I very strongly attribute this to the stability of the Parafait system and Semnox’s ability to keep updating their products and services on an ongoing basis” Said Mr. Heng, Owner, Hahama Co. Ltd. “Our unique value proposition in this industry would not have been possible without the technology that we have used from the Parafait system. Our success story has been backed by a strong and technologically advanced cashless system that we have successfully implemented at our location with the help of Semnox.” He added
    “ The robustness and scalability of the Parafait platform has helped us to deliver a transformational cashless system for Marioland.” Said Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions. ”We will continue to build on our strength and experience in the Entertainment Industry to make a truly positive impact through technology for our customers” he added

  • Semnox Solutions, a leading provider of Integrated Cashless and ticketing system recently announced the installation of its flagship product, Parafait at over 1,000 sites. Semnox was one of the early adopters of RFID technology which proved to be a game changer in the industry. Many new innovative technologies that were introduced in the market by Semnox contributed tremendously in achieving this milestone.

    “ This milestone is a testament to the success of Semnox’s premier cashless system and a fact that the our solution responds to the clear needs of the industry” Said Iqbal Mohammad, Managing Director, Semnox Solutions. “Through a fast, integrated and innovative system, we are seeing a significant number of customers interested in our products and services. We are committed to being an innovative company listening to its customers and look forward to working with more clients in the future.” He added.

    In a short span of time, Semnox’s products and services were widely accepted and set its foot print in over 40+ countries. With clients ranging from Family Entertainment Centers to Theme Parks, Water Parks, Carnivals, Events and Tourist Spots, Semnox’s Parafait suite of products has gained wide popularity in the industry. Some of the key components in the Parafait Eco System include a comprehensive Cashless system with Debit Card readers, Integrated ticketing and access control solutions, Full service restaurant, Fast Food and Food court Management systems. In addition to this, Semnox’s Cloud based offering provides an enhanced and user friendly engagement platform for customers with data analytics that meet the current needs of the industry.


  • Parafait Lumin Readers
    Lumin is the latest innovation from Semnox. State of Art readers with dynamic color patterns...

    • Illuminating edges – Combination of 255 different colors and different patterns that can be dynamically set from the Parafait software
    • Customizable reader display themes. Capability to store more than 25 different custom made themes for different locations
    • Hassle free tapping: Ability to sense the card tap from anywhere on the screen
    • Built in Audio guidance: Completely customizable  audio guidance with Multi language audio support
    • Multilingual display: Ability to customize display messages and language
    • 100% Wireless communication
  • Self Service Kiosk
    This is a perfect balance of Design, Technology and Utility. It can be customized as per the tasks that needed to be done by it. It is a queue-buster and a One-Man-Show....

    • 19″ Touch Screen Display
    • Interactive voice based guidance system
    • Multi-lingual and easy to use Graphic Interface
    • Currency and Coin acceptors
    • Credit card integration (available for Australia and U.S.A)
    • Handles New card Issue, Recharges
    • Perform Customer registration