Russian Federation
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UTS - Divergent thinking for your business

UTS (Universal Terminal Systems) is a Russian R&D company based in Tomsk. The company was founded in 2009, uniting scientific and technology professionals to create best solutions for the interactive technology market.

Alongside with interactive sandboxes, UTS produces sensor entertainment tables, sensor information terminals and software. The company’s mission is improving the life of a modern society by implementing useful and fun technology into everyday life.

UTS have realized more than 500 projects for different companies and government establishments all over the world.

Brands: iSandBOX (the world’s first AR sandbox), TigraKids (an interactive table transforming any place into a play area), MySelfie (a terminal for instant selfie and printing photos from social networks)

 Press Releases

  • Universal Terminal Systems Ltd. is a research and development company based in Russia. UTS was founded in 2009, in Tomsk - Russian capital of universities and young scientists. Uniting scientific and technology professionals, the company strives to create best solutions for customers. Growing from 2 graduates of Tomsk State University to the 100-people company in several years, UTS has proven to be a dominant player in the evolving interactive technology market.

    iSandBOX was launched in 2013 and has become very popular in education and entertainment areas. Kindergartens and schools, museums and science centers, amusements parks and play rooms use iSandBOX to attract both children and adults by its extraordinary look and diversity of modes. Apart from that, AR sandbox is successfully used by marketing agencies as a phenomenal tool for presentation activities because of its visibility and simplicity. iSandBOX is already in more than 300 establishments in 20 countries! 

    Alongside with interactive sandboxes, UTS develops and produces sensor entertainment and education tables, sensor information terminals and various software. 


  • AR sandbox iSandBOX
    iSandBOX is the world’s first interactive augmented reality sandbox. It’s a breakthrough equipment designed for entertainment, business and education. It improves concentration, social skills, motor development, teaches basic natural world concepts....

  • iSandBOX could be used to tell fun and interactive lessons about environment, nature and science, about water bodies: waterfalls, oceans, rivers, lakes, about earth core, and many things more!

    With iSandBOX kids play with the sand, build interactive structures and simultaneously learn about the environment, nature and many things more without an entertainer! 

    This equipment is very popular among kindergartens, schools, geography classes, amusement parks, science centers, interactive museums and other businesses.

    iSandBOX is already in about 300 play centers, amusement parks and educational establishments in more than 20 countries!