Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.

Vlodrop - Posterholt, 
  • Booth: L929

We welcome you to meet with us in Singapore- Booth #L929!

Vekoma Rides is one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world, a market leader in the amusement industry, offering in-house Design, Engineering, Manufacturing of a wide variety of standard & custom family, thrill & mega coasters and attractions.  Our designs are characteristic for its innovation, high quality and durability.  Our coasters as well as the I-Ride & Simulators are highly marketable, appealing & accessble to the entire family!

Please feel free to contact us any time to see and discuss the exciting and brand new coaster designs!


  • Mine Train
    Let our Mine Train amaze you!

  • Let our Mine Train amaze you with its fast and unexpected turns and sudden changes of direction. With up to 32 seats per train, the Mine Train has proven to be a very popular and high capacity attraction. Its impressive track length is combined with a surprisingly compact footprint that can be easily integrated into a variety of different landscapes.

    Our magnificently themed Mine Train offers an exciting ride with sharp curves, steep dips and two lifts. Your guests will be astonished by the adventure of this ride.

  • Space Warp Launch Coaster
    3... 2... 1... blast off in our latest Space Warp Launch Coaster....

  • As the train with 16 brave riders rolls onto the launch track, time seems to slow down at the sight of the massive Immelmann Loop towering in the distance. They’re only seconds away from the ride of a lifetime. No time for second thoughts:

    3... 2... 1... blast off!

    Unforgettable twists & turns

    Immediately upon launch the vehicles rocket to almost 80 km/h in a mere 3 seconds: a thrill for both riders and spectators. The train shoots up in the air for a breathtaking loop in the blink of an eye. The train slows down for just a brief moment before it plummets straight down to ground level into a dynamic high-speed carousel turn! 

    Then, riders get catapulted straight into the next thrill: an airtime hill followed by a Blitz Roll that rapidly flips riders upside down for the second time. Next up is another ground-hugging carousel turn, after which the train races up into an airtime hill, twisting the riders completely sideways and back.

    A fast Flat Spin Roll turns riders upside down a third time before a Horseshoe turns the train around while flying sideways up in the air. Next up is a Twisted Airtime Hill, having riders floating in their seats while twisting from left to right and back. Ultimately, the Bunny Hop brings the train back into the station where the magnetic brakes safely slow it down. The Space Warp is a sensational ride to remember!