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Toro, a leader in innovative irrigation solutions.

Toro Irrigation and its distributor partners offer a comprehensive line of irrigation solutions for residential, commercial and golf applications. Our extensive offering of  WaterSmart® products focus on the responsible use of water. This includes a line of Precision™ products that offer immediate water savings, are easy to install, and universal to most systems.With over 200 patents, Toro's commitment to innovative,cost-effective irrigation solutions is well documented. Toro also contributes to improving landscape irrigation efficiency by hosting symposiums, conducting educational classes for irrigation professionals and financially supporting research and industry associations.

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  • Pro Series™ Soil Sensor
    The Toro Pro Series Soil Sensor is a wireless soil moisture sensor that works with Toro’s Sentinel® central control system to automate watering based on moisture levels in the soil, and incorporates a unique tether design to read at varying depths....

  • Based on proven proprietary sensing technology used in Toro’s Turf Guard® standalone soil sensing system, the Pro Series Soil Sensor has several significant innovative advancements:

     1) Wireless integration with Toro’s Sentinel central control system provides automated irrigation scheduling control based on soil moisture levels with up to 16 sensors per controller.
      2) A three-foot tether between the sensing probes and the wireless communication module, allows the probes to measure moisture at varying depths depending on the plant material (such as deep-rooted trees vs. shallow-rooted turf) without sacrificing the communication range.
      3) Ability to install the communication module inside a valve box allowing the user to easily locate and service the sensor.


    With a wireless range of up to five hundred feet and a battery life of up to three years the Toro Pro Series Soil Sensor offers ultimate flexibility, ease-of-installation, and serviceability for almost any soil moisture sensing application.


  • T5 RapidSet® Series Rotor
    Utilizing the patented slip clutch as a means of setting the arc and featuring leading nozzle performance, the T5 RapidSet can be set in seconds with no tools required, which saves water, and saves contractors money and time....

  • The T5 RapidSet is the first commercially-available ¾” residential and commercial rotor specifically engineered to use the slip clutch as the means to make consistent and accurate arc adjustments with no tools needed. The ease of adjusting the arc in real time, whether the rotor is dry or in operation, eliminates the hassle of having to estimate arc patterns, make small tweaks with a tool, and wait for the rotor to complete a cycle before starting the sequence again. This straightforward action is unmatched in its ability to make adjustments easier, and installations faster.   

    The T5 RapidSet has the same physical body geometry as competing ¾” rotors with 4” pop-up heights, meaning it can serve as a drop-in replacement for competing rotors during system retrofits or repairs. However, the T5 features a 5” pop-up height. This one inch improvement in height allows for better clearance for taller turf or the inevitable “sunken” head.

    The design of Toro’s exclusive Airfoil nozzles is such that a zone of low pressure is created just below the main stream, which gently guides the water downward; the benefit being better distribution uniformity (DU) without the trade-off of washing out seeds in the immediate vicinity of the rotor. In fact, performance tests have shown the T5 RapidSet as having a leading distribution uniformity (DU) of 82 percent. RapidSet models include standard and effluent configurations of the 5” lawn, 12” high-pop, and shrub with a combined ½” and ¾” inlet.

  • Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles
    Featuring H20 Chip Technology that delivers a matched 1” per hour precipitation rate, Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles are the most efficient fixed spray nozzles available....

  • The Toro® Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles with patented H²0 Chip Technology offer performance characteristics beyond those of conventional spray nozzles. Water enters a specially designed chamber within the H20 chip, which creates high-frequency oscillations. Invisible to the naked eye, and only seen with strobe light illumination, the water oscillates at over 200 cycles per second. This creates a spray pattern made up of water droplets of a consistent size and velocity exiting the nozzle, which offers better coverage, better defined edges, reduced run-off, and lower flows—ultimately resulting in up to 35% less water use.

    In making one-for-one retrofit replacements easy, the nozzles are available in radii of 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 feet, as well as specialty side and center strip models. The tops of the nozzles are color-coded to indicate the specific radius and can be adapted to virtually any landscape design based on the availability of nine different arc patterns between 60° and 360°. Moreover, Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles are the only line of fixed spray nozzles that can be installed on spray heads from all major manufacturers—Toro®, Irritrol®, Hunter®, and Rain Bird®.
  • Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles
    Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles feature a patented planetary drive system that delivers an even pattern of multiple wind-resistant, multi-trajectory streams....

  • Toro® Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles are powered by a proprietary planetary gear drive that delivers wind-resistant, multi-stream, multi-trajectory patterns. The Precision™ Series Rotating nozzle is not dependent on system pressure to maintain continued rotation like competitive models. The gear drive technology, variable stator and turbine combine to maintain a consistent speed of rotation across a wide operating pressure range of 20-75 psi. These nozzles deliver water more slowly and evenly than standard spray nozzles and feature a matched precipitation rate of 0.6 inches per hour, which is beneficial in meeting the requirements of tight water windows. Further, the nozzles have a radius capability of 14 to 26 feet.

    Only two models of the Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzles are to meet the needs of nearly any landscape design: an adjustable model that delivers coverage between 45° to 270°, and a full circle model. In the case of retrofits, all models are able to be fit to Toro®, Irritrol®, Hunter®, or Rain Bird® spray heads.

  • EVOLUTION® Series Irrigation Controller
    The EVOLUTION® is the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. Modern programming, modular design, and smart capability make it ideal for users seeking advanced control in residential or light commercial applications without the complexity ....

  • The EVOLUTION® Controller is a 16 zone modular controller that was designed with two interfaces.  The “Standard” interface gives quick clutter free access to the most fundamental functions. The professional, “Advanced” menu provides full access to the functionality of the controller. Both provide simple intuitive navigation.

    The EVOLUTION controller has a many water-saving and functional upgrades that can be added using Smart Connect® wireless add-ons. The EPA WaterSense® approved Wireless Weather Sensor automatically adjusts runtimes on a daily basis.  Alternatively, up to three Wireless Soil Sensors can be added to block irrigation when the ground is wet enough. Beyond water savings, up to two Wireless Auxiliary Relays can be added to control items like lighting and fountains.  Finally, an optional Handheld Remote allows for easy time-saving control.

    The EVOLUTION controller uses a standard USB drive to quickly save or load programming and provides an easy method for updating the controller with the latest features or improvements from Toro®.

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