Marietta,  GA 
United States
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Aguair - Preservation Through Innovation

Aguair manufacturers systems that enhance crop growth. Our systems are engineered to increase yield by efficiently using natural resources and energy. Every system is integrated with leading edge electronics and components to ensure our products meets high quality standards.

Systems include:
ClensAir™ - Next Generation Air Purifier that utilizes the latest UV and photocatalytic disinfecting technology combined with advanced media filtration to provide 99.999% pure air. It uses a patent 6 layer purification process to ensure all microorganisms, airborne mold and pathogens are eliminated.
EZponics™ - Revolutionary Aeroponics System design that simplifies the Aeroponics growing process. The system is fully customizable to cater to any size grower. Thanks to our plug-and-play technology, systems can be set up in any configuration.
SmartClean™ - High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System designed to reduce total dissolved solid concentration by 98%. They are engineered and manufactured with highest quality components with state of the art technology for superior systems.

Brands: Clensair™ Next Generation Air Purifier EZponics™ Revolutionary Aeroponics SmartClean™ High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Aguatronics™ Smart Humidity Control