Dool International B.V.

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Lifting and renovation of greenhouses; The Sky is the limit!

Dool International has lot of experience in increasing the height of and renovating greenhouses. And renovation techniques - just like modern greenhouse construction techniques - are highly developed. This should be carried out by inventive specialists who employ the latest techniques and use modern equipment and the best materials. Every greenhouse requires a different solution. This requires specialist knowledge, something which a specialist such as Dool International can offer:

  • increasing the height of greenhouses
  • aligning and changing pitches
  • repairing and aligning greenhouse structures
  • repairing and aligning concrete piles and greenhouse foundations
  • renovating:
    • facades
    • roofs 
    • ventilation mechanisms
  • supplying and assembling:
    • wall and roof panels
    • insulated sandwich roof panels
    • intermediate floors
    • second cultivation layers

T.C. v.d. Dool provides fair, businesslike advice about what is possible and we ensure a correct, reliable implementation.Dool International is a well organised company, highly aware of developments in greenhouse construction and horticultural techniques.

Brands: - lifting greenhouses - levelling greenhouses & business properties - isolated roof and wall panels - changing and realigning the greenhouse slope - replacing walls both new and used