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Santa Barbara,  CA 
United States
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Welcome to Elite Garden!

Our story begins with growers like you. Hardworking, dedicated, and seeking ways to make their garden thrive.

As we worked with some of the best growers in the business on a a 200,000-square-foot grow, we discovered gaps in the nutrient process – some critical nutrient combinations simply didn’t exist, and others didn’t deliver what they promised.

So we set out to fix the problem. We tracked down and tested the absolute best nutrient products available. And when we couldn’t find one that met our high standards, we decided to develop our own.

The Elite Nutrient line, developed and manufactured in California, is the fruit of our labor, and it represents the gold standard that customers have come to expect from us.

With over twenty years of growing experience, our team of biochemists, engineers, and entrepreneurs is always on the move, creating and testing new products in pursuit of hydroponic excellence. And you can be sure that we’ll share what we find with you.

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Welcome to Elite Garden