FabricAir, Inc.

Lawrenceville,  GA 
United States
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FabricAir Wants to Help you Grow!

FabricAir has been engineering smart air solutions since 1973, and remain the global leader in Fabric Air Dispersion Technologies. 

FabricAir solutions are both ducting and diffusion in one. Fabric duct is the most efficient and effective way to distribute air in your grow facility.  Our products are lightweight, durable, and hygenic.  We use permeable fabrics to ensure that our products never sweat, to ensure a clean and safe environment, always free of mold. Our flow models ensure that we can customize the air movement in your grow space, whether you need high throw, low throw, or displacement ventilation. FabricAir ducts function better than metal systems, at a fraction of the installed cost.

In your grow facility, proper air circulation is the key to controlling vital metrics like temperature, humidity, and drafts.  Precise control of these factors will increase both the quality and quantity of your yield. Let our talented engineering team customize the air dispersion in your grow space, and start reaping the rewards today!

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