Holland Gaas BV

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High quality netting solutions.

Holland Gaas is an organization specialized in insect netting systems.

The Holland Gaas netting system can be used in greenhouses/polyhouses for keeping out harmful insects and keeping in useful insects in an environment-friendly way. No pesticides and cleaner crops.

The accordion system ensures maximum ventilation and a minimum loss of light a perfect folding and a tight closure of the greenhouse roof. Holland Gaas guaranties a durable system, made to your specific requirements.

Holland Scherming is an organization specialized in developing and installing screening systems. We serve end users and turn key projects in the greenhouse industry, garden centers, wholesale and constructors of customized buildings. We count ourselves proudly as one of the three largest screen installers in the world. In our offer, a sustainable relationship is what it's all about. As a whole, this results in the service we offer our customers: a long term carefree screening solution.

Brands: Accordion (harmonica) netting systems for Venlo greenhouses (seperate vents and continuous ridge), widespan and polyhouses.


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