ECO2 Blast

Decatur,  IN 
United States
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German/American CO2 pumps provided by Aqua Blast & Giant

Aqua Blast/Giant provide precision engineered high pressure pumps for liquid, gaseous and supercritical CO2 applications.  With flow ranges from less than 0.25 GPM to over 50 GPM and with pressures up to 5000 PSI, we look forward to helping your company achieve a fast and reliable pumping solution for your CO2 applications.  Common applications include Bottle and Vessel Filling, Decaffeination,, Deoiling of Fast Foods, Disinfections, Disinsection, Dry Cleaning, Extraction, Oil Production, Parts Cleaning and Textile Cleaning and Textile Dyeing and other applications. The pumps are available in a variety of materials from brass, nickel-plated cast iron, bronze, and various types stainless steel.