M3 Fabrication

Bloomfield,  IA 
United States
  • Booth: 4529

Hello and thanks for checking out our booth!

M3 Fabrication is a custom contract manufacturing facility specializing in industrial racking and carting. Customers come to us with an idea or a need and we will design, build, ship and install. We build standard or custom growing tables/benches and systems of any requested size. We have stackable, rolling, and stationary designs to fit your needs. Each rack will have detachable netting posts. Customized racks can be built with adjustable height light fixtures for maximum plant coverage throughout it's growth cycle. Tables can also be equiped with flood or drip systems that drain and recycle water. Our products can be food grade and will be compliant with all health regulations and codes. Our tables are made out of top grade aluminum or stainless steel, whichever the customer desires. 

At M3 Fabrication we are dedicated to our customers and will work with them from day one on designing their growing facilities. We can accomodate for new facilities or old facilities looking to upgrade their equipment. We will figure out the best aproach to keep the customers costs low and maximize their growing area with a safe and clean product.

If you invision it, we can create it!