Netwatch USA

Newton,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 3804

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Other companies record criminal activity.
Netwatch prevents it.

Traditional CCTV systems do not prevent crime, they simply record it.  Netwatch prevents it by detecting suspicious behavior, issuing live, personalized audio warnings and calling in law enforcement.

Netwatch provides live remote 24/7/365 visual monitoring and response services that protect client sites and meet the Canna-Business industry's most stringent security system regulations.  All aspects of The Netwatch System — which utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and proprietary cutting-edge software — and installed, maintained and operated by Netwatch for a fixed fee, eliminating large capital expenditures, hiring of specialized personnel or responsibility for supporting the hardware/software.

Security services are used for the protection of inventory and property, the safety of staff and customers, and even business control and intelligence.  However, only Netwatch can do all of that AND prevent crime.

With clients across MA, NY, DC, IL, AZ and CA — and more facilities going "live" every month, NETWATCH IS SETTING A NEW STANDARD IN SECURITY FOR THE CANNA-BUSINESS INDUSTRY.