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Welcome to Root Zone Heating & Control for plant containers.

ThermoSoil Root Zone Heating & Control System is a new & unique solution proven to take crop yield & quality to the next level by creating optimum root zone growing conditions (temperature, aeration, air-pruning).

ThermoSoil is a patent pending system for plant containers that stabilizes and controls root zone temperature at the optimum level for the specific plant strain and growth phase. ThermoSoil's active warming imitates nature by providing constant soil temperature and improved convective air flow. ThermoSoil creates a comfortable root zone environment that improves air pruning, promotes disease-resistant, healthier roots and ultimately, increases crop yield & quality.

ThermoSoil delivers exceptional results in challenging soil temperature control environments: warehouses, greenhouses, mezzanines, concrete floors and solar powered remote locations. ThermoSoil enhances the energy saving performance of all lighting systems particularly LED and is compatible with solar energy.

ThermoSoil is scalable for large grow operations, easy to install, plug-&-play, reusable, water resistant and operates on safe, low-voltage electricity. 

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