THR Technologies

Lafayette,  CO 
United States
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THR Technologies The Future of Cannabis: Sublingual + Nano

Welcome to the Future of Cannabis!

THR Technologies sells 1) a proprietary manufacturing technology for licensed production of liquid, sublingual, “nano-emulsified” marijuana products and 2) a retail line of nano-emulsified hemp products. Do you want immediate absorption and maximum bioavailability? Our products are unparalleled within the cannabis industry. These small and stable nanoparticles are an entirely NEW product category—fast-acting, like smoking/vaping, and long-lasting, like edibles.

These nano-emulsified solutions are comprised of nano-sized droplets (20 nm) that encapsulate cannabis oils within fractionated lipids (phosphatidylcholine). So small that they slip between the cells in your mouth and into the bloodstream, these micro-droplets are readily absorbed by bodily tissue. The small and rugged particle sizes ensure that our nano-emulsions are not broken down by stomach acids after the balance is swallowed. And once in the intestines, their small size makes for rapid absorption there, too. 

Developed by a PhD chemist and adapted from the nutraceutical industry, this product line is fast-acting, therapeutic, and exact.

Brands: THR Technologies: "Nano-emulsified" Cannabis Oils. These liquid, sublingual, nano-cannabis products (hemp & marijuana) are stronger, faster-acting, and more therapeutic than anything on the market.