Valoya LED Grow Lights

Helsinki,  Uusimaa 
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Valoya LED Grow Lights

Valoya is a provider of wide spectrum LED grow lights.

Valoya’s patented wide spectra are designed to optimise growth for most plants cultivated around the world including cannabis. 
Successful cannabis production demands high intensity light. Accelerate the growth and efficiency of your plant production with Valoya lights which have been optimised through more than 400 trials. 8 out of 10 world's largest agricultural companies are using Valoya lights.


Valoya holds 57 patents on its technology. Our LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in Finland and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Valoya's spectra are suitable for the cultivation of cannabis from seed to sale. You are able to use one single spectrum for all phases without needing to move the plants or change the spectrum. Additionally, based on the selection of Valoya spectra you can achieve compact or tall plants, both with a high number of flowers and high cannabinoid concentrations. Growing compact plants enables you to go vertical and double your yields.

Valoya offers a Lighting as a Service payment option with no capital investment for growers.

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