3SI Security Systems

Malvern,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 1615

GPS Tracking Protects Cash and Product from Thieves, #1615.

Organized Thieves Are Targeting Marijuana Dispensaries. 3SI can help protect your cash and product with Cash Tracker™ and Asset Tracker™.

Cash Tracker protects the cash in registers and safes while Asset Tracker protects the product in your store. Trackers are hidden covertly inside the item to be protected and automatically activate when motion is detected. Police are alerted and track the criminals via a secure website leading to asset recovery and criminal apprehension.

Come by our booth (1615) to see our technology and learn how Cash Tracker and Asset Tracker can protect your marijuana dispensary today.


Brands: Cash Tracker™ protects cash inside registers and safes made with real money. Asset Tracker™ protects the product in different locations throughout your store.