GGS Structures

Vineland,  ON 
  • Booth: 648

Top quality greenhouses and greenhouse systems since 1979.

GGS has been manufacturing top quality, efficient greenhouses and greenhouse systems since 1979. We provide the perfect environment for consistent quality to produce crops at maximum yield. Our dedicated marijuana team can assist you from installation to project management of your greenhouse or marijuana facility using the best technology and 35 years of experience. Visit us at

  • Greenhouse Structures 
  • Rolling benches & flood trays 
    • GGS rolling benches maximize growing space providing up to 50% more production
  • Photo Period Shading 
    • Light deprivation and photo period control offering maximum energy savings 
  • Environmental Controls 
    • Adaptable, time-tested, proven technology. Control on site or remotely 
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Heating & Chilling 
    • Complete HVAC specialists dedicated to solving your unique heating needs 
  • Grow Lighting 
    • Optimized lighting solutions tailored to your crop, including LED and HPS 
  • Design, Manufacture, Build 
    • From concept to completion we work with you to provide the perfect crop environment

Brands: GGS Structures Inc., Niagrow Systems Ltd, JGS Limited, Tasco Dome