gPod by Data Aire

Orange,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1501

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Data Aire would like to introduce for the indoor growers our gPod series.  gPod is a ceiling hung system with complete environmental control.  Maximize your results with automating temperature, stable humidity, carbon dioxide required levels, odor control with carbon matrix filters, and managing alerts from your iPhone or IPad with our idap web-based control package.

Data Aire has been manufacturing cooling equipment for computer room servers for over 50 years.  The type of heat generated from the server is a sensible heat load.  Data Aire systems are designed to tackle sensible heat loads  24/7/365.  In a cannabis grow facility all the lighting produces a sensible heat load perfect for our systems to tackle.  Our systems are also designed to remove moisture (dehumidify) from the air during lights off cycle for disposal or recyclable collection. 

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