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Welcome to Next Generation Grow Lighting from GROW FILM®


Welcome to Next Generation Grow Lighting! 


Unique/Proprietary Emitter

Each 12”x 24” panel is populated with low-wattage LEDs driven at a moderate current to produce uniform light distributions at less than 95° F (cooler than your body temperature).  No heat sink is needed which allows for a flexible emitter that weighs just 1.2 oz./sq. ft.

Optimized PAR!

Our standard distribution is optimized for “general” species growing. We’ve eliminated the non-useable white light and optimized flux output in both the vegetative and flowering spectrums. We’ve also added Far Red to further enhance flowering. Custom Spectrums are available upon request.

2.7 µmol/J!

Grow Film delivers the industry’s highest PAR efficacy; 50% higher than HPS and 22% greater than our closest LED competitor.

Nurturing/ Intimate Light!

Grow Film’s low heat design allows light to be mounted close to the plant (7” for optimal flux) and to stimulate the entire leaf.  Our unique Vegetative Surround Flux distribution stimulates photosynthesis from above, the side and below, maximizing both Yield and Quality.

Please visit our booth #2500 for more information.

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