Heliospectra AB | Montel Inc.

San Francisco,  CA 
United States
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Heliospectra – Research Driven, Commercial LED Grow Lights

Heliospectra specializes in intelligent lighting technology for plant research and commercial greenhouse cultivation. We combine high-quality LEDs with custom made optics, remote control system, and a robust heat dissipation solution for a high-intensity output. Our lights give growers the ability to control the intensity and wavelengths of the light emitted, creating a spectrum specifically adjusted to different plant species and growth stages. A highly-engineered lamp for crops that look better, taste better, and have a longer shelf-life than those grown under HID lamps.

Benefits of our Grow Light System includes reduced energy consumption by up to 50%, possibility to stimulate growth characteristics and improve plant quality. Other benefits include reduced light pollution, lower mercury use due to the avoidance of traditional HID/HPS bulbs, and less HVAC investment and monthly expense requirements.

Brands: Heliospectra LX60 Series Heliospectra E60 Series Heliospectra RX30