Pure Grow Soil

Prescott Valley,  AZ 
United States
  • Booth: 716

Pure Grow Soil builds Soil Amendments and Nutrient Mixes.

Pure Grow Soil makes all of its products by hand. This insures that each product maintains quality assurance and consistency. As an example our worms are fed a specific balanced pure organic grain and nutrient blend. Its weighed out by hand and hand mixed. All our products follow a strict adherence to weights and measures down to grams, ppm, ph values and more. We create small batches at a time to insure freshness and potency.

Pure Grow Soil uses Biodynamic preps in some of its products providing some of the best humus soils available.

So we don't package for Big Box stores nor manufacture for large retail. We can only maintain our awesome products by staying small, yet large enough to meet any grower needs from the large farms back east that use our tonics and compounds to the nurseries that use our products for their own resell plants. You the grower whether at home, indoor growing, greenhouses or hydro facilities, we are there for you.

Pure Grow Soil solves soil and hydro problems by geo-targeting specific mixes and blends for different locations. We don’t believe one product can work everywhere! Not without considering all the conditions of the location.



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