Baked Smart

Portland,  OR 
United States
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Because labeling and packaging are not enough!

Currently there is no easy way to distinguish a cannabis infused product from a regular food item once removed from its package. This creates a situation where children and adults are at risk for accidental consumption. Ingesting edible marijuana without knowing can be frightening and unpleasant no matter how old you are.

Baked Smart’s exclusive product, Cannacals™, are the industry’s first edible safety decals made for easy and direct application to edibles. They make it possible to distinguish a regular food item from a food that contains cannabis once it is removed outside of the package. Cannacals™ can easily be applied to almost any food product, including candy, chocolate, and baked goods.

There are many types of Cannacals™ that edibles companies can use to easily apply edible safety symbols to a variety of food products. We have also begun producing home kits. Home kits are designed for consumers to have a simple, quick way to apply edible safety symbols onto their cannabis infused products. Our Cannacals™ can be baked on at home, or they can be easily affixed to a food product purchased from a dispensary.

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