Vegamatrix/Kyle Kushman

Scottsdale,  AZ 
United States
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Welcome To Vegamatrix, 13 time Cannabis Cup Award Winner!

Vegamatrix was awarded the 2014 STASH Award from High Times magazine for the best nutrient line, making Vegamatrix the clear choice whether you are a large cultivator, home enthusiast, retailer or dispensary owner.

Vegamatrix was created by Kyle Kushman, past Cultivation Editor for High Times Magazine, Professor Emeritus at Oaksterdam University and 13 time Cannabis Cup Award Winner, so that he could provide the cleanest healthiest product to his patients.

The full Vegamatrix nutrient line is composed of 6 products, far less than other Organic and Veganic nutrient lines. This makes using Vegamatrix simpler and quicker to use, saving your time and money.

The unique blend of NON –GMO plant based nutrients super charges the plant’s metabolism creating bigger plants with greater yields, and a smoother flavor and taste. Vegamatrix has gone on to win 13 Cannabis Cup Awards, isn’t it time that you created your own award winning harvest?

Vegamatix was created with you in mind, that is why we have unparalleled customer service, access to to Kyle and total commitment to your satisfaction and success!

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